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I am 20 pounds over weight!

I had my daughter a year ago in 2 weeks, I was 122 when I got pregnant and I delivered at 187 (i know cow right!) and I am at 144, I watch what I eat to an extent but my boyfriend can eat a whole pizza and be okay, so he is always eating unhealthy. I tell him I want to lose weight and he tells me I am fine, no I'm not, I am 20 pounds over weight still and she is almost a year old!! I work a full time job at a desk, and then get home and have Ayva to care for. Can you please help me, give some kind of help to help me lose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ik what you mean! my boyfriend can eat what ever he wants and he has to exersize [army] i kinda wish someone would make me haha. i think guys just see you, if they love you they dont see extra weight. but if you want to lose weight eat 1200 calories per day and start of exersizeing a little bit each day. take your daughter for a walk in the stroler! the stroller adds weight and lets you lose more weight. fallow some of the ideas on my question and answer if you want.


    can someone answer mine too?;_ylt=Ant4h...

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    google the mayo clinic diet....i lost 33 pounds in a little over 2 months

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    Try My name there is Tryin2Lose2. I have lost 34 lbs. using it and I slack sometimes, so I could have actually losted more by now. It's also free.

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