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How to look like a YOUNG Brooke Shields

How to look like a YOUNG Brooke Shields???

YOUNG Brooke Shields:

Tips, steps, diets, beauty regimes and routines, sports, hair styles & colour etc. - you get the picture.

How to naturally make eybrows grow thicker (i dont mean using eypencils- how to make them grow thicker and more eyebrow hair)

AND basic appearance information about her please!

Thanks x


I asked this question for answers not comments


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    Dear Yoyo,

    Brooke Shields was quite beautiful, wasn't she! And she has aged gracefully too.

    Bring a photograph of her to your stylist and they'll let you know what colour and cut would match hers.

    For sports, try soccer, jogging, power walking. Yoga and pilates will help stretch the muscles too. Utilize a little weight training in there, but not too much (you don't want to bulk up) Eat a healthy diet high in fibre, low in fat, drink lots of water. Avoid too much salt and sugar.

    There really is no way to make your eyebrows grow in thicker than they already are. Let them grow in as much as possible and bring a photo to a wax specialist so they can try to get the shape you want.

    Take care!

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    Young Brooke Shields

  • 4 years ago

    Brooke Shields Imdb

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    well, first of all, it would help to see a picture of you, then i could help wwaaaaay more.

    but this site has tons of pictures that should help:

    brooke always has very natural makeup. she is very tan, and has natural eyebrows. her hair is also a bit bleached by the sun. she has dark eyelashes- i would suggest eyeliner on the inner rim, NOT the actual lid. a light blush on the cheeks will help too. she also has perfect skin, so it would be a good idea to figure out a skincare regimen. finally, she is very thin, so i would suggest exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

    however, just because shes pretty doesnt mean you should try to be like her. its better to accentuate your features than try to change them.

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    whatever happened to being yourself?

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