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is Egypt a clean country

are Egyptians clean people?

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    im egyptian but im unbiased and i will say it loud and clear

    for the country no egypt is like any country of the third world egypt is not clean at all its like u live in a waste dumb everything is polluted nothing here is pollution-free

    sometimes i feel like i breathe in dust and dirt

    the scent of most of egypt's streets could kill a pig

    the sidewalks could leave u in awe

    the traffic jam could make suffocate

    and all that is the collateral damage of the government's regulations and naive actions all to secure the tyranny regardless of any other prospects

    as for the egyptians they r like any other ppl u found the clean ones and the dirty ones too

    hope i frammed it rightly impartially and honestly for u and for that i omitted that im egyptian just to say the truth even if it hurts me inside to c my broken country like that

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    Egypt is not a clean country but the people are as clean as in any other country.

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    i would say its as any other country in the world

    there are some fantastic sea sites as well as poor ones

    there are highways and there are narow roads

    there are villas and on other ides you see poor areas

    but if you mean personal do they have regular showers and they do put on clean clothes as total i think here your question is not a kind one

    i remind you that the egyptian are of a deep rooted culture and they participated in initiating the world modern culture

    add to that some of ancient egyptian inventions are so mysterious even for modern researches

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    Here is the Blunt Truth

    The Country is not very clean, At least in most places

    are Egyptians clean people?

    That's Honestly a stupid question, It all depends on the person's level of hygiene

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    is America a clean country?

    is china clean country?

    is UK a clean country?

    is Your Country a clean country?

    it depends on persons living in each area not on country....u may find a very clean place next to a very dirty place in the same country but even in the same city....

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    whether Egyptian American which ever it doesn't matter if your Egyptian or not. and OF COURSE were clean. peoples high jean are supposed to be clean.

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    If only your Living room is why not the Arabian Market

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    it is a clean country as long as people of a specific kind are out of it , and out of its category .

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    Here comes the Brota again

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    ok here is what clean minds do

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