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When working as a waitress can you wear jewelery?

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    Its usually best to find out the employer's policy, but the majority of places only allow simple earrings (for women!!) and a wedding ring.

    Watches, bracelets and dangly earrings are usually no-no's.

    The reasons are usually for safety and that the owners do not want any sort of unnecessary distractions for the diners.

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    Hey , i am a waitress and usually i am aloud to wear at least a few pieces of jewelery such as earings ( usualy only studs ), i am also aloud to wear 1 or 2 rings and a braclet , health and safety says you should'nt but it depends on whether or not your employer lets you

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    Well most places don't really care if you have jewelry but for me i work a corporate places where they frown on "flair" as they would call it. You could only have on set of earings in. Only have a watch. No necklaces, or rings.

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    When you get hired they will usually give you a dress code sheet if it's a national chain.

    I know at certain places they are very strict.

    Source(s): Friend works at Red Robin and can't wear jewelry.
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    I think it is better not to. Because u need to be busy with serving, not busy handling jewellery! Honestly, u still can put make-up!

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