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Wii vs Ps3 vs Xbox 360

I think the wii. because ps3 and xbox 360 are boring because its not very original but the wii is very original with motion sensing


Wii haters can suck my hairy balls

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    there are many perspectives you can look at this question

    and the perspective you choose was curb appeal

    curb appeal is basically how the console looks to a person while knowing very little information or just knowing what it looks like

    when people see the wii the first thing they think is the motion sensing capabilities or Mario. first thing people think about 360 is probably either halo or xbox live. first thing people think about ps3 is single player games and the graphics.

    now to figure out who wins depends on the person.

    \/\/ii- it will attract fans of Nintendo and casual gamers

    Xbox 360- will attract more hardcore gamers

    PS3- will attract people who want more "power" in their system

    a totally unbiased answer

    there are many other perspectives you can look at this question too

    i am a Nintendo fan no doubt and i prefer the wii over other systems

    @ no_knees

    you say "think about it wii oh ya thats cool but look at the price of it"

    the wii is the cheapest console on the market right now

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    take this from a guy. It's Saturday night and all the guys are coming over to play wii!?! No.

    Perhaps you haven't heard this, but the ps3 motion sensing remotes as well. As for the price, you pay more money for something superior. The game selection is awesome in the coming months. From Resistance 2 to Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, there's something for everyone. Already, there are games that are only possible on the ps3. Metal Gear Solid 4 is one. Google M.A.G. It stands for massive action game. If that doesn't sound cool, I don't know is. You can rent and buy movies directly from playstation network. Also you have the disposal of the hundreds of games from ps2 and ps1 at your command. You pay for something superior, that is what you get. Also, the sixaxis remotes on ps3, you can actually sit to play games. Why do you think all of the wii comercials show kids standing? That was my take as a ps3 owner.

    Now, I own a wii to. There are some awesome games out there for it. I just got done beating Super mario galaxy and I look forward to getting another mario game. But, that's all there is. The motion sensing technology is really a bit of a gimmick. It's not that great. Now, if you like mario after mario after mario, get the wii. Though there are some good games, there just aren't enough. The online network SUCKS!!! But, yes all-in-all the wii is fun sometimes.

    I, personally would reccomend the ps3 over the wii. In 2 or 3 years, the wii will be obsolete. In 2 or 3 years, the 360 will be obsolete. If your wanting an all-on-one powerhouse with the capability of moving all of your digital needs to the living room, go with ps3. If your wanting a toy that was obsolete when the ps2 came out, go with the wii.

    Source(s): Me. I own both the wii and the ps3. What I said is what I thought. Anyway, hope this helped. Happy console buying, whichever you choose. I urge you to be smart. Get more for your money!!! Go to and type in ps3 and wii. See for yourself which is better. They make it obvious to see. Also, the ps3 is constantly getting updates which improves it's stability and adds features. Anyway goodluck! I typed this on my iPod touch.
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    Source(s): This question will just cause a console war.
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    Wii by far because it is fun and funny wen friends and family play with you.

    Ps3 and xbox 360 are always same games which u keep using the controller but on wii i enjoy how u can use motion on other games.

    also ssbb ftw

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    Yh!! the wii is totally unique :D whereas the xbox 360 and ps3 are just the same old boring, original game console.

  • Wii! But I'd think more of the boys would go with PS3

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    Uhhh...well you asked the question... again. Jeez you talk about being original and then you post a question that's been posted 600000 times. Nice.

    Yes the wii's original, but developers are cashing in on all the people going "Wow! MOTION SENSING OMG!!!" and making absolutely horrible minigame collections and just terrible games so they can get as many games out on the market as possible. Who cares about quality? As long as you have a ton of games out there, people will surely pick them up. And all the people who've never played games until the wii don't know the difference! It's the perfect plan!

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    Wii- Is by far the most fun to play, it is mainly aimed for multi-player. It has a vast back-catolugue of games because of the VC. Its cheap and easy to pick up and play

    360- Good graphics, lots of hardcore games, okay price, designed for people who are used to playing games

    PS3- Very exspensive, good graphics

    Overall- I' d recommend the wii if you want something easy to play and, if you play often with other people. Or the 360 if you want more hardcore games and good graphics.

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    Xbox 360 because its really powerful, but there is games for all people. The wii has a cool remote but actually playing with it can be uncomfortable and annoying.

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