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I am on the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's TNT and I need to raise $3,100, can someone help?

I am running the Nike Women's Marathon with the Team in Training and as part of this team I have pledged to raise $3,100 for the cause. I am looking for fundraising ideas or just a donation. My website setup through the society is Please help!

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    Step1Write your grants. Grant writing isn't easy and requires tons of research - but it's the traditional way for a nonprofit to get funds. Consider hiring a person to do this (see Tips) - or plan to spend at least a day a week on it yourself.

    Step2Plan other traditional fund-raising efforts: a golf tournament, a silent auction or other activity that creates goodwill and raises money. Keep costs to no more than 20 percent of your total budget so that you'll still make money.

    Step3Plan, plan, plan. It's irritating to attend a nonprofit fundraiser that hasn't been planned but is simply asking you to take out your checkbook.

    Step4Ask directly for money from donors, corporations and service providers - another traditional way to make money fast. Create a donor list in your database and send out "ask" letters asking for support and money. Time it intelligently (see Tips).

    Step5Remember that without your general list of donors - individual or otherwise - it will be hard to sustain a nonprofit on simply writing grants and having fundraisers.

    Step6Market your cause. "Cause marketing" is a relatively new buzzword in the nonprofit world. It allows media outlets to use a nonprofit cause to "leverage" a buy from advertisers and gives back to the community at the same time (see Tips).

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    5 years ago

    with the financial device the way it is you may nicely be doing as good as you are able to. attempt inviting human beings to the race. tell them your quantity so as that they are able to seem for you. in case you have %. of your self in the different marathons deliver those alongside to coach human beings. additionally, tell them extra approximately TiT. i actual HAVE heard of it. particularly some human beings won't have. the extra archives you supply somebody approximately TiT and your marathon the extra human beings could be keen to donate. uncertain despite if it is criminal, yet placed up a internet site approximately YOU working for leaukemia. placed up %., a bio, possibly a narrative concerning why you run for TiT. you may nicely be taken aback proper to the quantity of hits you get. good success with the marathon. I actual have run the honolulu marathon two times myself.

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