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? asked in 娛樂及音樂電視其他 - 電視 · 1 decade ago

舞出真我 2 歌曲一問

想問下舞出真我 2 DVD 一開頭選項畫面播o個首係咩歌 ?!

呢首歌o係最後o個隻舞o既最後o個 Part 都出現過 ...

唔該哂 ...


雖然我仲未買到碟 但你所講ge 係唔係

Timbaland - Bounce??

唔係呀 , 呢首我都有 , 係最尾比賽段舞 , 最尾o個 part o個首 ...

Update 2:

唔知係咪 , 不過應該唔係 Bounce 先間 ...

因為 Bounce 成首我都聽過 ...

我再講清楚少少啦 ...

係最尾主角o個隊o係雨度跳o既成隻舞入面o既最後一 part ...

姐係男主角好似用手吸起女主角咁o個 part 舞o既之後o個 part ...

如果再唔明我先再 cut 低佢 up 上黎啦 ... =]

anyway , thanks !

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  • 1 decade ago
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    雖然我仲未買到碟 但你所講ge 係唔係

    Timbaland - Bounce??

    2008-08-06 00:49:21 補充:

    係Bounce之間ge? 你講ge最尾係主角跳ge?

    Rage against the Machine -- Killin in the Name of

    Swizz Beatz -- Money In The Bank

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