How to get rid of house flies and nats without chemicals

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I have house flies and nats all over. I need home remedies on how to get rid of them without using chemicals. I have pets and a child so I don't want anything that will hurt them. more
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I have heard that if you keep some basil growing in your kitchen, that the smell will drive away the flies. I don't know if this works on gnats as well or not, and I haven't tried it myself, either.

Keep your house clean of food and other smelly garbage, and make sure your yard is clean as well. The flies and gnats follow the scents of rotting things (esp vegetables and meat), as it is their "job" in the world to help them decay. Remove their prospects of food, and they will go away as well.

You can also try hanging up some dryer sheets (Downy or etc.); supposedly the smell drives away insects. If you already have them sitting around the house, why not try it?
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  • debijs answered 6 years ago
    ~~Hang two ziplock sandwich bags filled halfway with water, and hang above your outside door (on the outside). For some reason this disorients flies (not positive about gnats) and they will fly the opposite way. You can also mix a spray bottle half with amber Listerine and half with water. You can spray yourselves and the surrounding areas when you sit outside, they won't come near it, nor mosquitos either. Will last about 3 to 4 hours before you need to spray again.~~
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  • carpenter answered 6 years ago
    sticky fly paper strips that hang from the ceiling.
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  • bdtile21 answered 6 years ago
    Hey Heebie,
    Try putting out a glass of wine. The next morning there should be little nasties floating in it.
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  • Ryan D answered 6 years ago
    Put some screens on ur windows... Keep ur house clean and garbage taken out and fruits off ur tables that have expired..
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