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Hey guys, I was just thinking of a part in breaking dawn when renesmee is sharing her thoughts with bella, and it made me kind of sad. Bella said that most of renesmees thoughts were on bella and jacob... i know jacob imprinted on her and everything and renesmee loves him, but it seems like her thoughts should have been equally on edwards as it was on jacobs... i mean edward is the father and it seems like renesmee should love bella the most, then edward, then jacob, ya know? I don't know, i just wish there was more of a father daughter relationship between edward and renesmee. What do you guys think?


It does have Edward kissing her goodbye at the end and says he has a sad and horrified look in his eyes, but i wish there was more of him like lying on the ground playing with her or hunting with her or something, because right in the begining of the book he told bella he wished he could give her a child, so it seems like he would want to be the best father possible, but i guess jacob kind of took over as father figure which was weird for me.

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    Well!! I think you are absolutely right! i was extremely disappointed with the lack of description of Edward and Renesmee's relationship, it could have been shown in the book a little bit more.

    But maybe some of it was edited out by the publisher (i really don't think SM wouldn't have built a relationship between Edward and Renesmee). i also think that since the book was from Bella's perspective (part of it anyway) that she might have been focused on other things besides Edward and Renesmee together (or it was edited out =().

    if SM continues to right the series (again) from Edwards perspective (like shes doing with midnight sun) we might get to SEE the father daughter love!!! ( and we can also wait in the meantime for the outtakes on her website witch could possibly include Edward and Renesmee!)

    I'm very upset that SM didn't have more of Edward and Renesmee's relationship, i thought for sure there would be a lot of it when Bella was still pregnant and Edward could here Renesmee's thoughts. I agree there could have been more of a relationship with Edward and Renesmee.

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    I think that it just wasnt a big factor in the book. although it would have been great to see more of a relationship just wasnt that big of a deal compared everything else. Edwards biggest thing since 2 years ago was sure its just hard for him to get used to having to magnifficant things in his life for him to love when most vampires only get one. he even mentioned something about that when he was talking to Bella. Edwards and Renesmee's relationship was there just not as emphasized.We all saw how Quil was with Claire so you can imagine why Jacob would be more involved than Edward. Edward kind of had his own also find out that it took Rose and Em a decade to get past the irresistable desire towards we can understand a little why Edward was more focused on Bella. He does have a very close relationship with just have to read in between the lines to get it. it's all in the subtle details Stephanie Meyer put into the book. Edward absolutely adores Nessie but i think his feelings are just more strong towards Bella because they were meant to be together. i do feel a little sad that we couldnt see more of a connection shown in the book but i completely understand why it wasnt. and as for the part where Renesmee was showing her thoughts to Bella, Edward was watching over Bella those first two days so obviously there wasnt going to be too many memories of Edward...but we did see him humming a song (probably either Bellas lullaby or a song he thought up for Renesmee) in the room where Bella was.

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    Yeah! I felt the same way! I was always waiting for Edward and Renesmee to have a father-daughter relationship, but she only ever got close to Jake. Though I do think that the reason why Bella and Jacob are closest to her are because Jacob and her are destined to be together, and Bella carried her inside of her. That is a very big bond between a mother and child and you can tell that it's there.

    Oh! Also, I read some things above my post that Edward wanted to kill Renesmee at first, which is true, but if you think about it, Jake also wanted to kill Renesmee. He tried to convince her to have an abortion, and right after Bella "died" he went down stairs wanting to kill the thing that had done it to her. That's when he imprinted instead.

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    First of all, Edward's number one priority in the book is Bella. Technically, he's her father, too, since he created her. He promised her he wouldn't let her hurt anyone, so he was just following through. Secondly, the book is from Bella's point of view, does it occur to any of you that "conversations" between Edward and Renesmee would be completely nonspoken and therefore not necessary to Bella's story? He doesn't have to be right beside her for her to communicate with him. The adults don't actually talk to R very much in the book, all the communication is coming from her.

    Edward is nearly always with Bella. So when they are with Renesmee, Bella has her. The story implies that Edward adores R and is angry about the imprintation, just like any daddy would be, but he realizes that R is probably just as safe with Jake as with anyone. He wouldn't let anything happen to Bella, and Jake would be the same with R. It's a mirror relationship. Of course Jake is more important to R, I mean for the first 3 days of her life, he was her favorite chew toy, while daddy was making sure mommy survived, plus Edward didn't have the pull Bella did because she carried R.

    I never once got the impression that the father/daughter relationship was lacking, because seriously, what would you do in that situation? Not to mention, we never hear Edward's thoughts. It's Bella's story, she can't know everything.

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    Their bond wasn't very strong

    but if you remember.....he held her, and talk to her, but because of the imprint, it sort of made jacob like the father, because as soon as you imprint on someone you become their protector and sort of like a father figure....

    and it has been said many times that neither Bella or Edward can live without each other, So with the Volturi he looked out for Bella because he knew jacob was there for renesmee, Edward was sad in the clearing with the volturi when he found out what Bella has been keeping from him that Renesmee was gonna leave with Jacob....So he's talked to her, seen what she shows him, and hes held her and everything, were forgetting that Bellas we "asleep" for three days and anything could've happened with renesmee and Edward while she wasnt around...

    so not the tightest, but i think the father part was stripped from him, in a way

    i have no was shocking to find out what happened, i thought it never could! lolz

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    just imagine being alone for as long as edward, and then bam! the most amazing girl falls right in his lap.

    then he gets her pregnant with what he believes is a monster who is "killing" her ... watching someone you love isn't exactly the most beautiful thing to watch. trust me i know.

    being pregnant is supposed to be a beautiful, and painful to some extent, experience, but going through the motions in the short period of time would be so much more painful.

    at first edward doesn't see the child as something beautiful he sees it as a threat to bella's life.... until he hears renesmee's thoughts.

    I think that edward does the best that he can do but it must be hard. And I think its sweet how protective he is over both his girls (bella and renessmee) the way he wraps his arms around both of them when either one is scared.

    on the jacob subject, I don't like that he imprinted on renesmee, but it makes sense. He loved human bella, renesmee is the only thing left of that. I also agree that it seems that Jacob kinda pushed himself into edwards part (father part) but I think that's part of the whole imprinting thing.

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    I agree. There is definitely not a very strong father-daughter relationship between Edward and Renesmee, which is pretty sad. Edward took all sorts of chances, gambling Bella's life, to get her into the world, I think he deserves to be loved a bit more. Perhaps it's because Jacob spends so much time with Renesmee that she doesn't get much time with Edward? Who knows, really.

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    Yes, Edward, Bella, and Renesmee have an odd relationship, but Nessie isn't exactly the normal child. She is so ahead of her years that mentally she is already extremly mature, so there was not much bonding time to be had. The first three days of her life Edward was by Bella's side and Bella was being turned into a vampire. Rosalie and Jacob steped it up as serogate mom and dad.To be honest I am not exactly thrilled with how the relationships on the parental side ended up but how could they have been different? All in all I thought that the book was faboulous and different than any of us could have anticipated...

    - So Kudos to Ms. Meyer and our beloved lovers

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    i do think that there is a real lack of a father daughter relationship between edward and renesmee. i feel like in this book edward is pretty much in the background the whole time. BD was much less about edward and bella and much more about the demon child!

    PS. renesmee carlie= lamest name ever...completely shows bellas lack of creativity

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    I totally agree! We don't really get to see the father/daughter relationship of Edward and Renesmee and that really disappointed me. :( While I did enjoy Breaking Dawn, a lot of things were very confusing or very disappointing. I thought it would be much better, personally.

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