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what is best for my puppy?

I got a five week old german shepherd pup. Im not trying to hear anything about the age cause i know. My dad wants to keep him outside in a crate. My question is...should he be inside or outside? He wines and what can i do to help him out cause its sad. Plz help out asap...thanks in advance! And what can i do about fleas?

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    Inside! Not outside crated, not outside over night, and not outside unsupervised at 5 weeks!

    This puppy needs to be inside. Ignore the whining and eventually he'll learn he gets no attention from it and thus stop.

    It takes time, but a 5 week old puppy should not be outside unsupervised. A crate is an indoor train tool, not something to lock your dog outside in (unless you confusing the word "crate" with a run or some such thing, though still not at 5 weeks)

    Fleas can be prevented with flee medication you can get from your vet, though nothing can be done quite yet when he's this young.

    It's bad enough you brought a 5 week old puppy home, don't make things worse leaving it outside.

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    Inside and talk to your vet about the flea problem. Like you said, he is too young to be with you anyway so I'd see the vet asap to evaluate him and get recommendations on flea stuff and when to start vaccinating. Keeping him outside leaves him very susceptible to many diseases (parvo being the top one), ticks (can cause lyme disease), fleas, and just being left out of the pack. Letting a dog outside all the time away from his pack can lead to all kinds of behavioural issues and aggression problems and socialization problems.

    Source(s): Raised lots of dogs....inside!
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    Since the pup isn't old enough to be away from his mother, then no he shouldn't be outside. How can he protect himself from wild animals or other things outside. He's still a baby, and should be treated as such. If your dad isn't smart enough to realize this, then you need to educate him on animals. German Shepherds are pack animals and love to be with their people. He should be inside, in a cozy little bed with lots of attention and love. The best way to socialize these animals is to make them part of the family. do some research on raising puppies and show it to your dad. This dog needs to be inside and taken care of. Good luck and I hope you can educate your dad on the proper care of a dog.

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    If the weather allows it and its not too cold then outside is fine. If its too cold or too hot then he should be kept inside. The whining will be because he's young and misses his family, but that will pass in time. Best thing to do about fleas is to go to your local vet and buy some flea treatment, its the most reliable effective method to kill them. Don't forget worming needs to be done at the same time as fleas as fleas are a major cause of worms!

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    i don't get why you would get a german shepherd..and then stick it outside in a crate...

    if the dog was going to be that much of an inconvenience for your DAD, he should have never gotten a dog..let alone such a big dog, to begin with.

    how big is this crate you speak of? hopefully the dog has plenty of room to move around, lay down, stretch his legs..and has access to food and water. what about when it gets bigger? is this crate going to have extra room for him then?

    if you're going to keep a dog outside, the best way to go is to get a kennel run. look em up and you'll see what i'm talking about. they have plenty of room for the dog to be able to move around freely. it's also best to get one of those big igloo houses for them as well..so they have some protection from the weather..

    but in extreme weather cases, such as storms, winter, and the boiling heat in the summer- always bring that dog inside. yeah i know...but dogs in the wild survive...they also die alot easier...this is a pet, and we have a responsibility to take care of it.

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    When he hits 6 weeks you can use frontline, advantage, or any other flea stuff. Only after 6 weeks of age though. Good luck

  • You should keep him indoors in a crate. When he whines in the crate, ignore him so that he doesn't learn that whining gets him attention. And if you know your puppy is too young to be seperated from its mother, why did you get it?

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    i think he should be both out and in and the vet or a store will have flea medicine

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    omg .. if your gonna keep him in a crate you gotta give him up .. that is a horrible way to live .. and it is close to animal abuse/neglect .. fleas? you can use ANY flea products when its a puppy gotta wait at least 6-8 months. but seriously if its life consists of living in a crate give it up .. you are just being a cruel human being if you make it live like that

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