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El Salvador TPS program ramifications?

1. Are there any adverse ramifications for TPS recepient if he legally marries an illegal Mexican Girl here in the United States?

2. Would this Mexican girl (wife) now be able to apply for the TPS program as the wife of the man?


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    Part II, Section A, #3 of the AFFIRMATIVE ASYLUM PROCEDURES MANUAL states that a Dependant (including a spouse) may apply for TPS by following the procedures listed. The spouse will be considered for TPS by immigration, and will make a decision there upon.

    As for ramifications, keep in mind that TPS is a refugee program. If the government considers that you now have a safer place to move to (your spouse's homeland), they may revoke your TPS status. I've never known anyone that this has happened to, but it is a definite possibility.

    You would do best to consult with an immigration attorney, as they can provide you with the most up to date information.

    Best of luck.

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