i got factor 11 blood deficiency disorder

im trying to have a baby........does anyone know much bout that? if u got more auestions or anything comment on here or IM me on YIM missattitudegirl_2003@yahoo

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    I also had this issue during my first pregnancy. It was dangerously low. A hemoglobin count of 5 ! I have always "suffered" from chronic anemia. If you are not seeing a a hemotologist you need to do so. When the condition is chronic it is best to be treated by a specialist rather then your primary doctor. It must be brought under control prior to you becoming pregnant and very carefully monitored through out the pregancy for your health as well as the baby's.

    The reason it is best to be under the care of a hemotologist is also to find out why you have the condition. It is not always caused by a poor diet or heavy periods. In my case I have a high folic acid level which masks just how low my iron level is. The cause of my chronic anemia is more or less blamed on my Lupus which has caused digestive issues etc. Too often primary doctors, and my new one just did this, suggest changing your diet and taking iron pills. Unforunatly, this is not always the answer. You will assume you are going to solve the problem and loe and behold there is no change.

    Besides seeing a reputable hemotologist you should consider seeing a high risk OB/GYN who will be familiar with this type of situation.

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    In young children, iron-deficiency anaemia can cause a heart murmur and delays in growth and development. It puts a child at greater risk for lead poisoning and infections, and it can cause behaviour problems.

    In pregnant women, iron-deficiency anaemia can increase the risk of a premature delivery and a low-birth-weight baby

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