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Jehovah's Witnesses Only. Are you aware of this maniscript find?

I came across a first century AD manuscript of the Greek Septuagint that contains the divine name in Hebrew letters in Job 42:11-12.

It is not listed in your large print Bible (but I have an old edition).

Here is the link:


Ok. I misspelled Manuscript. Go ahead. Rub it in.

Update 2:

Dan (et al): They are the non-greek characters in line 5 with the strike though. Very common in the Late Septuagint.

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    no i wasn't aware of it. but thanks for posting it! i'll star it, so the other witnesses can get a look at it.

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    I see the divine name, in *ancient* Hebrew characters, on line 5. I guess Dan the Man thinks that Hebrew characters have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

    This is just more evidence that the LXX contained the divine name through the 1st century. It wasn't until the 2nd century that so-called "Christians" (not the Jews) started to take the name out. This manuscript provides more indirect evidence that the divine name was in the New Testament.

    (You probably have the "Reference Bible," not the "large print Bible." That is another edition altogether, and comes in four volumes. The Reference Bible hasn't been updated since 1984.)


    For those needing an arrow pointing to the divine name in this document, it can be found here:

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    All milk contains blood. They take too literally the quote that I think is in the book of Paul, do not eat meat that has been strangled, sacrificed to an idol (holy communion or halal,mainly, maybe kosher, not sure, as it is still YHWH but they reject his teaching and son so perhaps it's not really Him they worship?) or containing blood. We can break the sabbath for mercy so we can break the no blood for medical reasons, though they argue that if you can't drink it you can't inject it. Well life giving milk contains blood and it is necessary so maybe they should just go back and reread that it is bloody meat that can't be consumed and leave it at that... But it is a cult and there is no waking people up from it until they realise for themselves, I was a JW when I was a kid so I know lol.

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    In looking at the New World Translation, it does list Jehovah once in verse 11 and once in verse 12. So I'm sure a revision was made once it was noted. The small print Bible I have 1st printing was 1961, with revisions in 1981 and 1984. I'm sure the large print was also revised the same years.

    Good research!

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  • First Century AD? I didn't think that Septuagint fragments that late still contained the Divine Name. That is strong proof that the 1st Century Christians had to have known and used God's name.

    Your discovery is truly amazing, but it raises a lot of questions too =)

    Like: if the Jews held God's name to be sacred enough to preserve it through the first century, then why did the name not show up later in the Gospels, Paul's letter's and the other books of the Christian Greek Scriptures? The first century Christians should have been using these same fragments that contained God's name shouldn't they? So why did they not preserve the name in their writings? Or did the originals have God's name in them just like your Septuagint fragment, only to be altered later by the predominantly gentile copyists, who because of antisemitism, wanted to distance themselves from a name that had such strong Jewish significance?

    Sorry, I think that I'm speculating again ^_^

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    Do you have the copies of the Aug Watch Tower and Awake magazines?

    They discus the Divine name Jehovah, list some 99 languages that use name Jehovah, as well as show other scrolls where the name Jehovah was being removed from the bible starting in the 3rd Century.

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    I wasn't.

    Nice Research.

    I'm not surprised anymore,

    when I see His divine name,

    upon or in ancient writings...

    or coins, or tombstones etc.

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    It's all good. :)

    (Job 42:11-12) And there kept coming to him all his brothers and all his sisters and all those formerly knowing him, and they began to eat bread with him in his house and to sympathize with him and to comfort him over all the calamity that Jehovah had let come upon him; and they proceeded each one to give him a piece of money and each one a gold ring. 12 As for Jehovah, he blessed the end of Job afterward more than his beginning, so that he came to have fourteen thousand sheep and six thousand camels and a thousand spans of cattle and a thousand she-asses.

    I don't worry about spelling :))

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    Wow. I don't see it, but I'll believe you. By the way, what's the right way to pronounce "Septuagint?"

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    Thank you, our translating friend.

    Where did you find the fragment? I assume it is in a book or museum.

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