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How do eating disorders start?

i just read an article about it, but it didn't give enough information.

I'm not looking to start throwing up or starving myself, I'm just curious.


No im not annorexic or bulimic, nor do i want to start being one.

All i ask for is in your own words/thoughts how do you think eating disorders start.

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    Eating disorders can start in a lot of ways. Most of the articles are going to state the things that trigger it to become obvious but will not mention the issues the person had before it was an obvious disorder.

    It normally happens to girls who are unhappy with their body image to begin with. Perhaps they were teased for being too big. Some have also been warned to death by their parents that they are going to get fat which makes them fear it.

    Some girls will start going to pro-anorexia sites to try to learn how to lose weight and alter their minds. Many girls actually think they want this disorder. Some believe they can just look at the pictures and learn from the sites and they won't become anorexic. This is a very risky thing to do because NO ONE wakes up one day and says" today I am going to start hating myself and my image so that I will never be happy with myself no matter what I do."

    The medical triggers that have been associated with anorexia are:

    Medical illness

    Death of a loved one

    Major life change

    Over controlling parents

    Feeling a general lack of control in their own lives.

    My daughter had a desire to be thinner before she got sick. She had been teased by other kids and when she got sick and nauseated (from a gallbladder that wasn't functioning well) and we couldn't find the reason for it.... she eventually just stopped eating. Once she stopped eating the mental impact of anorexia set in. It was like a switch was flipped on in her head that made her think she was fat even though she was very skinny.

    Typically the act of not eating or reducing what one eats starts before the actual disease sets in. The disease is a mental one because it affects how you view yourself. It affects how you feel about fat in general. It is a distortion of how a person thinks. Things that can contribute to the illness are diet commercials, woman's magazines, Modeling "reality" shows, Fitness shows, weight loss camp shows, and almost any other source dealing with body image.

    Many of the commercials on television are designed to make you feel bad about yourself so that you will buy their product. Modeling and other reality shows make people feel bad about themselves by putting down those contestants they have on the shows. This reinforces that someone who is fat or overweight should feel bad about themselves. Magazines show an unrealistic view of what a woman should look like. Most of the pictures are airbrushed to look that good. In real life, these woman do not look as good as their pictures.

    Feel free to send me a message if you want more information. I can tell you all about my own personal experiences with helping my daughter recover. The sooner one starts to address the problem, the better the outcome for them.

    Source(s): Anorexic Daughter (recovering)
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    When you have a eating disorder it's usually because you think that your so "fat" that it's causing you a problem. This problem could be to do with friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, parental problems, etc. They believe that being "fat" is the one thing that's wrong and if they become thin that their life will automatically great. They believe they need to do something about it so they decide to start cutting out all snacks, then they progress to maybe cutting out breakfast or lunch. Of course this is not enough for them so they start cutting out maybe lunch and breakfast and soon after they cut out dinner too. Usually many people with eating disorders start out just thinking "i'm only going to lose a stone" however they end up losing way more, this is because they get hooked kind of like a drug. They see themselves as way more fater that to begin with and they can stop laying off the food. Anorexia is a mental problem and would need to be solved by therapy or even going into rehab.

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    I think you start by cutting out some of the food you eat each day.In time you eat less and less.One day you stop eating and may eat only once in a week or something.At least that's what I think about anorexia.

    Most eating disorders are caused when someone has been teasing the person they're fat or they feel under too much pressure of the beautiful skinny people shown everywhere.

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    Even those with eating disorders are instructed not to visit the help sites for anorexia etc cause all it really is is hints on new ways to abuse your body. That's not the way to get skinny "right now" anyhow. Keep active and exercise regularly and eat lightly and sensible and stop worrying about how thin you are. If you are young it is important to have meat on your bones for future osteoporosis prevention.

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    I am bulimic and anorexic and I'm not very proud of it . The thing that did it for me was my mom being bulimic and anorexic also , so being around someone you looked up to as a role model at a young age and seeing them doing that sort of stuff (throwing up , restricting , etc .) is very influencing and makes you want to try it .

    Hope I helped ! Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions .

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    i think they start by worrying a lot about your weight and trying to start diets by yourself, and when you aren't getting the results as quickly as you'd like, you start thinking that maybe starving yourself would go faster, but that's actually not true. When you stop eating, your metabolism starts working slower, and that doesn't make the process any faster, it probably may make it slower. It's also really unhealthy.

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    For me, it was the media, my own personal insecurities as an early developer and not wanting to be "different" from my friends, and the expectations i put on myself back then to be a perfect daughter/eldest child for my parents. I think it was a combination of these factors which lead me to think that i wasnt fit/healthy enough (i had very low self-esteem). So to sum up, my ED (and many of those whom i've met during recovery) began when they wanted to get "healthier". unfortunately we were misguided young teens with great manipulation skills on our parents who like to spoil us.

    Source(s): personal experience with anorexia nervosa.
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    It start by thinking that you are too fat and unattractive then you start to think that what ever you eat is going to make you gain weight that when you start trying to make your self throw up then every other time you eat you throwing up over and over again.Your self esteem start going down

    if feel you or who ever you are talking about should seek help.

    good luck

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    ive had problems of my own. it can definitally be brought on by stress and/or a distorted self image. Being Self-conscious. Purging, throwing up, for example releases endorphins that make you feel better. You do this more and more and eventually you can get very sick and its a really serious problem. Take care of yourself, please dont start

  • first off- it's not something you can just 'choose' to be. it's not like you wake up one morning and think 'hmm. i want to be anorexic today.'

    it starts when you become completely obsessed with your weight and food. everyday, all day. it's all you think about. then they start eating less and less/ throwing up. and no matter how thin they get, they always think they're fat. it's a mental illness whose symptons are extreme thinness.

    watch this video- it's really moving.

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