should i give this guy a chance?

im 15, i got drunk with a good friend (a) and his friend(b)

well b was very very trashed and stoned, and i was rather drunk.

Things went a little further than i would like, im a pretty good girl,

the "shy and sweet" type so im pretty guilty. I hadnt even had my first kiss before that.

He said he wanted to hang out with me again sober, so we went to the mall and he brought his friend (c). we ended up just holding hands and his arm around me on the bench, and a kiss on the cheek, ect.

when i got home, (a) sent me a message saying that he felt bad, he probably should have warned me that (b) was the "biggest D*ck EVER when it comes to keeping to one girl"

hes really funny and really sweet to me.

i know that this isnt going to end well... its gonna end in tears.

is it worth the heartbreak? should i give him a chance?

should i just go out with him to gain experience?

things that come to mind are

"better to have loved and lost then to not have loved at all"

"every wrong guy is just practice for the right one"

are these true for me? should i go out with him almost sure that im going to get hurt?

this is tearing me apart. i could use some advice.

i really do like him though.


thanks for the lectures, but id really like some advice.

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    First of all, I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer but I'm only 22 and I think you have no idea what you are in for. You have many years of heartbreak and happiness ahead of you. My first piece of advice would be to date all you want just DO NOT GET ATTACHED. You can have fun and date but just don't take it too seriously. I guarantee you he's not going to take it serious at all. So for the next few years remember that no matter how many butterflies you feel in your stomach or how many guys tell you they love you, focus on yourself and your gut feeling. My second peice of advice is a quote. Read it carefully:

    "You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself. The single relationship that is truly central and crucial in a life is the relationship to the self... Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never lose."

    I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    The only thing you can do is give him a chance.

    Do not listen to anyone on here who is going to say 'Dont give him a chance/Do give him a chance' because they dont know the guy or anything about him OR his friend.

    It could be that your good friend is jealous or what not.

    It could be that your good friend is teling the truth.

    But I know as much as you hun =/

    So take into mind how much you trust your good friend and if its alot or you know what there saying is true ... then dont go there it. It really isnt worth it at all...Honest. From past experiences you sort of just think 'Hes so nice to me, I know im going to get hurt but it dont matter ill gain experience/ I like him/ Its all fun' But after you do get hurt, you really kick yourself for giving the idiot a chance. You really do think ' Argh he must of taken me for an idiot why did I let him' But you wont see this until you do it.

    The fact you really do like him makes it worse because it will hurt even more. Ive had alot of experience with guys like these and I can now see that it really wasnt worth my time because at the end of the day ... He's gaining youre loosing.

    As for '"better to have loved and lost then to not have loved at all'' lol thats not the same if the person you love doesnt love you the same way back... Or loves someone else too!

    Lol I remember when I was in exactly the same position and even though I asked people for advice I always knew what I wanted in the end and one time I just thought..'Hey its the experience ill gain'

    But I wish I didnt because the people that were giving me advice were so right...

    Only you can decide what to do but really think about this one hun because it will hurt.

    How long is this ! LOL

    Anyway hope I helped... Dont let him take you for an idiot no matter how much you do like him.

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    1 decade ago

    Im only a year younger then u so i know where ur coming from but on the other hand i dont have much experience in situations like that so i may not be such a great help but...First off please dont drink at least not untill ur older..ok well im alot like u and if u like the guy i say u give him a chance but be realy carefull about it maybe even ask a good friend about him if u have any bad vibes at all i mean at all then ull know the truth

  • Suzy Q
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    1 decade ago

    Go for it, but be realistic about what is going on. If you think it's not going to end well, then why are you doing it? Don't do anything with him that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Personally, I can't stand when guys make excuses about being a jerk before anything really gets started. Him sending you that text is so lame b/c then if he does anything mean, he can go "Well I warned you". Boo!!!

    Also, take it easy on the drinking. Bad things can happen when you get too drunk..

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    This does not appear to be a very good relationship, more of a heartbreak for you. Only you know how tough your heart is and if he is worth it. But I would think it over, and go very, very slow if you proceed with this, but I have a strange feeling we will hear more from you soon on yahoo answers. Good luck with your choices.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1st, go over the notes...

    1. under-age drinking

    2. "a" said either a lie, or is telling the truth

    3. "b" SEEMS like he is nice, but did u really get 2 know him?

    those r the lectures( well, #1 is, 2 and 3 r part advice!)

    here comes a big piece of advice... u never learn from experience, if u dont actually TAKE the experience journey. my mom told me that. and u kno wat? its actually true, give it a shot, but kno wat is at stake and keep a good eye out on him, that way, u KNOW wat kind of guy he REALLY is!! good luck!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    well the only thing to do is give him a chance and see where it goes. just b sure to stop it b4 it gets too bad..if it does.. nobody deserves 2 b hurt, but it happens to all of us and thats what makes us who we are.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that everyone deserves a chance. Just dont go too far until you are both ready.

  • 1 decade ago

    your never to young for anything, unless your a baby, which in terms we have more serious matters to discuss.

    do what you want with this guy, just dont get to attached. just view as your both using eachother and it will be mutual.

  • 1 decade ago

    you're to young to drink, hook up, or even have a bf

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