Breaking Dawn?? Is it as bad as everyone is saying??

Is it really as bad as people are saying? I haven't got it yet and i don't care if it gets spoiled for me. Would my mom like it if she read it. (She wants to read Twilight, and if she likes it she will eventually read Breaking Dawn) I'm 13, is there anything in there "r-rated"??


whats pedophilia??

Update 2:

wats satyriasis

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    Indeed it is. Were talking unprotected sex, teen marriage, pro-abortion, pedophilia, and an abusive husband.

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    The book mary or may not be as bad as everyone is stating it is depending on how you look at it, from what point of view you see the book.

    I presonally, was sort of in between liking it and- well- not hating it, but simply being dissatisfied. It shed light on a character or two that I'd been wanting to hear about for a while, and that definitely made the read worth it for me.

    I believe though, that in the end, last couple of hundred pages or so, Stephenie Meyer was simply trying to cram in too much to make a happy ending with no conflicts or sacrifices, and that in turn, made it hard to read.

    There isn't anything quite r-rated in there, perhaps a little suggestive, we all knew that Stephenie Meyer was going to have Bella and Edward get intimate, and if you read the book you will find that it's always the morning-after description, nothing actually being described of the night itself most of the time.

    The story itself, however, tends to send the wrong message sometimes, as most reviewers have been stating and I personally agree. Some messages are sent involving how easy choices are in teenagehood, which is very wrong indeed, and other messages that you would hear parents and adults be against, nowadays.

    However, you must keep in mind that this is a fantasy book, unrealistic as it is, you have to know that these messages in our world today, technically, don't apply to the book since it has it's own little world. Of course, we can't help but connect our world to that one, so that is how we come to our conclusions.

    All in all, I would suggest that you read the book for yourself to conclude on whether it is bad as people are saying it is.

    I don't think there would be any problem with your mom reading it either, if she knows you are mature enough as a 13 year old to read the book.

    I personally, am 13 years old also, and I found no problem with reading the scenes that most deemed would be a bit inappropriate for people of our age. The book, as a movie rating, would not be above PG-13, I'd think. For me (this little paragraph is my very personal view of the book), Breaking Dawn ends after Book 2. See, the book itself is divided into 3 sections, titled Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, all within the same book, and for me I would be satisfied with Book 2 being the end. However, that is a biased opinion due to my pereference of characters being werewolves. I won't go in depth about that to avoid any more spoilers for you. But yeah, that's my opinion as to the answer of your question.

    Source(s): Myself, I've read th whole series.
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    Well -- there's nothing in the book that your mom couldn't see in full color on any number of soap operas, so I would probably classify it as PG-13. :-)

    It's a complex story, and it doesn't have the gee-whiz-we're-in-love feel of the first three books, but it's not bad for what happens "happily ever after . . ." There are some weird twists, though, and Stephenie Meyer broke some of the rules of her own fantasy world in order to make that happen, which is why some people are bent out of shape.

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    Sex is mentioned a lot, with some sex jokes. But there is no detail. The scenes all pretty much end with them kissing and then jump to the morning after. Nothing in between. I think it's appropriate for a 13 year old.

    As for if the book is bad, I will say I am not at all satisfied with it.

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    Well I'm 12, and read the whole series. I don't think Breaking Dawn was bad, I thought it was quite good actually. And since Bella & Edward get married in Breaking Dawn, their romance gets more physical but SM didn't put much into detail. I think your mom would like it, depends on your guy's morals and such.

  • Dont base your opinion on the book until youve read it. Its honestly not that bad. A lot of poeple are unhappy with the ending and how the book went. I dont know exactly what was so bad about it. i really liked it. It ended nicely and the transitions were good to me. But i must admit, it was quite shocking in some parts and some if it was kind of gross. (Im talking about near the end in Jacob's part)

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    It's not as bad as everyone's saying.

    It's worse.

    Prepare yourself. It's the worst book ever. It's the Titanic of all books-- a massive failboat.

    There is a LOT of sex in this book, but nothing pedantic.

    Pedophilia is when people rape children. Technically he's not a pedophile in this book, but he will be someday.

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    Read it with an open mind and form your own conclusions. Don't pay attention to all the negative comments out there. Some people think it's amazing, others hate it and want to either burn it or return it. It's unexpectable, that's all I can tell you. Not bad, just different.

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    It depends on your sense of morals and how strongly you're opposed to pedophilia.

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    Edward's satyriasis

    pedophilia=sexual attraction towards minors

    satyriasis=basically when a guy is super horny 24/7

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