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General advice on travelling/moving to South Africa

I'm an 18 year old white male who lives in England, im well educated and im currently working quite a well paid job for my age. im getting the urge to emmigrate to a different country - South Africa to be exact (cape town/johannesburg/strand). I want to travel there first to see what its like and try to find some work and possibly even move there. I am aware of South Africa's background and stability and it does'nt put me off at all. Can I get some advice on what it would be like for me to travel there - any likely problems i may encounter in the process of travelling and finding work? The thing that's most appealing to me is house prices, I feel Britain is becoming too expensive for me and I don't see myself here in the future. I would do anything to fit in to the culture and become a hard-working member of South African society. Thanks :)


i was thinking of making quite a bit of money here first before going over there. I hope discrimination isnt that bad in SA :(

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    Wow this is the 1st time I have heard of someone from the UK coming out here to live and work - usually its the other way around!

    there are two problems about coming here - unemployment is very high and BEE/Employment Equity makes getting a job as a white male a little hard sometimes. I personally think that as a qualified individual you wont find it hard to find work! Just keep open minded about it.

    I lived and worked in the UK and can tell you that to come to South Africa you will notice a tremendous change in lifestyle -- we are much more laid back then people in Britain and therefore lead a tad less stressful lives.

    Obviously crime comes in to mind when people mention SA but you must just be careful! dont become paranoid about it and you can live comfortably!

    I think that you will enjoy it here - what more could you want - sun shine, space, nice sized properties and never a dull moment!

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    I know how you feel Will but if you decide to come here and earn Rand your dream of a house and a good future are equally as hard to achieve as they would be England. I believe you have a better chance of living your dream in North America. Besides now days most jobs are reserved for non-white South Africans and as a foreigner you may find it very difficult to find meaningful employment.


    Come with at least 100 000 pound so that you can buy a house. Then you can work for sustenance and entertainment.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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    Discrimination can be bad at times. You enter a bar immediately you get looks. You have to look em back with confidence. It's great though, I love the loose feeling in this land. It's peaceful as well. The only places I didn't really enjoy were the ghettos. Infact I currently reside in one right now (motel). There are hookers on the corner, you see soldiers walking around with AK-47s and stuff. But like I said it's all loose, and you gotta get used to it, and get with it.

    Stay confident.

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    I am a proud South African living in the Uk.........Good Luck and hopefully you get all your luggage when you arrive at your destination. Enjoy the sun and friendly people.

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    Here´s the info you are after:

    Remember, that wherever one is in the world, the earnings are in proportion to the markets. Houses may be cheaper in South Africa than in the UK, but the wages and salaries are also lower.

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    Will, it won't be all sunshine and roses (well, maybe the sunshine bit :-)), but we need skilled positive people who can make a difference. So welcome! Ignore Alf, he is certifiably mad...i heard he is ensconced in a mental institution in the UK.

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    Welcome friend

    as long as you don't come for a o c as wife there is still jobs and opportunities

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