What Book is This, and Who Wrote It???

I stumbled across it in the children's section in Borders with my friend. It was the weirdest book we had ever seen....

I think it was "What Buttasaurus Are You?" or "What Buttasaurus is this?" (like butt and dinosaur fused together) but I can't be sure, because everytime I looked it up in Borders or even on the Internet a few minutes ago, I got nothing.

It looks like a novel, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly pictures. All of these pictures feature strange creatures that feature a strangely placed butt somewhere on it.

If I remember correctly, the cover features a swamp with a few buttbirds, but the main feature is an alligator creeping above the water with a butt as part of its snout.

I know this sounds weird, but I'd really like to get this book as a gag for my friend, so can anyone help?

1 Answer

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