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Smackdown Week 1 Pick the winners

All titles are vacated and champions will be decided tonight

Match 1)WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs Jesse and Festus vs Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore

Vickie Guerrero announces that there will be a 12 man battle royal for the WWE championship.

Match 2)Divas Championship Fatal 4 Way

Victoria vs Natayla vs Michelle McCool vs Cherry

Match 3)United States Championsip 6 Man Elimination Match

The Brian Kendrick vs Kenny Dykstra vs DH Smith vs Domino vs Funaki vs Big Daddy V

Match 4)WWE Championship 12 Man Over The Top Battle Royal

Triple H vs Edge vs The Big Show vs Undertaker vs The Great Khali vs Jeff Hardy vs Umaga vs Shelton Benjamin vs MVP vs Mr. Kennedy vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Carlito

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    Match 1~Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore after jimmy does the moonsault to curt hawkins

    Match 2~Victoria after she does the widows peek to Cherry

    Match 3~Order of elimination

    DH Smith by The Brian Kendrick

    Funaki by Big Daddy V

    Domino by Big Daddy V

    Kenny Dykstra by Big Daddy V

    Big Daddy V by The Brian Kendrick

    Winner~The Brian Kendrick

    Match 4~Order of elimination

    ~The Great Khali by The Big Show

    ~Carlito by Jeff Hardy

    ~Umaga by Vladmimir Kozlov

    ~Vladimir Kozlov by Undertaker

    ~MVP by Triple H

    ~Mr. Kennedy by Edge

    ~Shelton Benjamin by Jeff Hardy

    ~The Big Show by Undertaker

    Final 4 starrdown Undertaker, Edge, Triple H and Jeff Hardy

    ~Edge by Jeff Hardy

    ~Undertaker by Triple H and Jeff Hardy

    ~Triple H by Jeff Hardy

    ~Winner Jeff Hardy

    Source(s): Here Comes The Money
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    Match 1 - Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

    Match 2 - Natalya

    Match 3 - Kenny

    Match 4 - Undertaker

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    *1* Jesse and Festus

    *2* Michelle McCool

    *3* Big Daddy V

    *4* Undertaker

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    WWE raw: Beth Pheonix d. Mickie James The Redneck Wrecking team d. DeGeneration-X Triple C (Carlito Carribean Cool) d. Val Venis Umaga d. Snitsky Santino Marella d. Randy Orton WWE SmackDown: MVP d. Matt Hardy Chuck Palumbo d. Jimmy Wang Yang Victoria/Torrie Wilson d. Michelle McCool/Maryse Chris Masters makes Brian important "bypass Out" area and Jamie Noble d. Kane

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    Yang and Moore




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    1.jesse & festus


    3.the brian kendrick- idk i guess he get title push

    4.jeff hardy

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