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Clomid stopped working..what's next?

Hi Everyone!

I have been on clomid for 4 months now, and 3 out of 4 months the clomid worked but I was not prego, now on my 4th month I did not ovulate. I have an appointment for a consult with a fert specialist on the 11th, but I was wondering what do you all think is the next step?

Also if I was infertile would the clomid even work?

Thanks so much I am so bummed about all of this!



Thank you both for your kind words! I was doing days 5-9. My obgyn said that I am simply not ovulating. I am actually on the lowest dose I believe. 50mgs? I am interested in the natural stuff as well. I will research that too!


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    Toni, so sorry that you are facing issues with infertility. Do you have a cause for your infertility? Many women have unexplained infertility and it takes various tries and efforts, but they do become pregnant. It really depends on the cause of your infertility whether or not clomid would work. Are you on a max dose yet?

    There is another drug, called Femara, that many women use after clomid. I think it induces ovulation like clomid does. I think it is a pill, but I could be wrong.

    If the oral meds don't work, you can go on to injectables.

    Have you tried any herbal meds yet? There was a woman in my buddy group that used Soy Isoflavones (she has PCOS and MFI) You take them like clomid for 5 days. She got pregnant her first cycle on soy after her docs told her IVF would be her best option. Just another thought.

    May you be blessed with a baby and may this journey only last a short while longer before you get to hold your baby. Best wishes!

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    Did you change the Clomid schedule yet? Many women start on a CD5-9 schedule, then the doctor will often change it to CD3-7 and sometimes even CD1-5. This is the likely next step before injectibles (which trigger can ovulation). Don't worry -- you've still got lots of options. Chin up :) xoxoxox

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