Can I network an old Mac?

We have 2 old 68K Apple Macintosh computers. One is a Quadra 610, the other a Centris 610. I don't know if they have on-board eithernet and I don't know how to find out. I do know they don't have standard network jacks.

I don't have the spec-sheets for them anymore so I can't look that up, and one is missing the monitor/keyboard/mouse but otherwise they work well...I could build a monitor adapter to use an old PC monitor that we have and bet an ebay mouse/keyboard.

I care about this because they have scanner MUCH larger plate area (about 12x20) than any PC scanner available in stores. The scanner is not PC-Compatible so I can't just move it.

Any suggestions would be welcome, and if you can link to the parts somewhere like Ebay I'd be greatfull. Floppies are kinda slow and small for decent graphics...


That look like what I'd need but it says compatibility is "with onboard eithernet" there any way to be sure my Macs have the proper circuitry before I get one?

It looks like the specs show onboard eithernet as optional for those models if I'm reading it right.

Update 2:

If the Centris 610 doesn't have eithernet, could I use AppleTalk and serial ports between the Quadra and Centris to bridge that and then eithernet network the Quadra?

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    To see specs go here:

    They do have ethernet but it is Apples proprietary ethernet adapter. There is a transceiver to enable you to connect to a regular (RJ45) ethernet interface.

    This is what you will need :


    You can do as you said, "connect the two via serial and use the AAUI interface to connect to your network. Here is a useful resource to see if your machine looks the same in the rear.

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    I think you can, just check and make sure there is an ethernet plug. It looks just like a telephone plug.

    Good luck

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