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Good diet while on steroids?

I have done research, so please dont say anything about not doing them. Its completely safe if you know what your doing, look up HRT. hormone replacement therapy. Its for men with low test levels that get injected with test every week. You dont have to be a doctor to know how to do that safely. You just have to research and ask questions to people that know. And have had blood tests. Here it is Oh im also a little young 19 but im doing it so i can bulk up and the shred before next season im trying to play at ASU for football D-1

Meal 1

50g Whey

1 packet oatmeal

Meal 2

2 eggs

3 egg whites

2 cups milk

2 pieces bread

5 tbsp flax seed

Pre W/O

50g Whey

3 pieces whole wheat bread

Post W/O



50g whey

Meal 4

1 cans tuna (oil)


2 pieces bread

Meal 5

6-8 oz lean meat

2 pieces bread

2 cups carrots

Meal 6

6-8 oz lean meat

half cup almonds

Also taking creatine, multi-vitamin, taurine, gallon of water every day

2 cups chopped broccoli


fuc*in druggy? ur pathetic, i asked about my diet. Id say ecstasy, pot and whit gurl would fall under "druggy". Call me insane and crazy yea, but druggy haha come on

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    dam yo yea i think ill use ur diet lol but i use rice instead of 2 pieces of bread or at least make sure the bread is whole grain and im assuming the creatine has carbs to help ur muscles. u have lots of supplements though like if u run outta money for them u know or stop taking them ur muscles will lose maybe go more natural>?? but idk thats def a good diet if u keep that up but those 50g whey u put it in milk or something? no on the bread im assuming and maybe instead of bread pre workout how bout a banana or some fruit no i mean u dont wanna get constapated too much protein and not enough fiber doesnt go well ull get a raw azz but good luck and the steroid thing ur right about looking into that when im older though..

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    iv just stole you diet thanks lot lol i have been looking for a god diet

    oh and a hint try no-xplode energy powder by bsn that makes you work like nothing before and stack it with bsn cell mass that stuff really works

    keep the dirt up it looks really good and high in protein

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    F*ckin' Drugy.

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