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May asked in 美容及時尚時裝及配件 · 1 decade ago

Juicy Couture與Juicy girl的關係

Juicy Girl是名牌Juicy Couture的副線嗎?





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  • 1 decade ago
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    A Juicy girl is a woman who works in a "Juicy Bar" and is employed to sit and chat with male/female customers and persuade them to continue to buy alcohol for themselves, and expensive juice drinks for the "Juicy Girl", under the guise that the woman is also drinking alcoholic drinks. Juicy bars are found throughout the world, they most likely originated in East Asia. Depending on the individual bar, there may be an area more secluded where sexual prostitution takes place but not to the extent of having sexual intercourse. Typically, Juicy Girl bars that offer intercourse require the patron to leave the bar with the woman to another location. They are called "Juicy Girls" as patrons pay for their time by purchasing drinks of what are essentially juice/soda/water disguised as alcoholic beverages.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sorry,我唔係想引起筆戰..而我亦唔知問題既答案,但我睇到佢既答案完全唔係人地問既野...講真..呢度既答案好多都係跟從網上copy既..但唔緊要,有人問問題,有人提供資料,就係yahoo知識想提供既野,但都唔好求期copy d野就算吖..

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