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kenya, east africa?!?!?!?

i have a project do over the country of kenya. if you know anything interesting about kenya, africa like attractions and what not your input is greatly appreciated .. thanks

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    Kenya is a beautiful country,with so many natural attraction

    friendly people who are always ready to help when called upon


    Try cultural Tourism,`go in`learn about the Kenyan people,their

    culture,(way of life) in the village,their language,food,beer and dance!

    there are 42 tribes,each with its distinct colourful culture,Man you will

    need a loaded camera for this!

    If you love adventure,try adventure camping,there are excellent

    camping facilities,deep in the wilderness.Kenya is blessed with

    varieties of wildlife and birdlife.Visit the Maasai Mara,for Safari

    witness the anual migration of the wildbeest,wich starts mid

    July,oh my wonderful! is it the "eighth wonder of the world?????"

    'if you have not been to Maasai Mara,then you have not been to Kenya!' so they say!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent beaches,try the coast,Mombasa,Malindi,Watamu,or the

    Diani Beach,good accomodation is available,both in Hotels or

    stay with local families.

    Do not forget the Fort Jesus in Mombasa,'a historical piece'dating several hundreds of years ago.

    Source(s): my experience!
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    Lake Naivash,Lake Nakuru,Hell's gate,there are some Geysers (but I don't remember the Location),You can go to the Snake Park,Animal Orphanage,Masai Mara,You can go to Mombasa,The Bomas of Kenya,There is a crocodile village in Feretown,Tsavo National Park.

    You can visit all those places and you will be amused

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    i used to live there and go to school there. there are many great things to do and people to meet. first and foremost, you must pack a camera and plan a safari in the mara and in nairobi-rhino park for afternoon tea. the night/social life is fun and the horse races on sundays are a must. giraffe manor in karen is great and the nearby rift valley. my mother still lives there (she runs a safari business in kenya and tanzania) and i still have many friends there as well. i am very jealous, i would love to return to visit everyone sometime soon. need to know anything else, be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

    also, you must visit the coast... beautiful- diani, mombasa, etc

    Source(s): my own personal experience
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    check out forgotten land...kibera. its the largest slum in kenya and home to over a million people. lived there for a while and it really felt like home to me. also mombasa and rift valley on the way to mombasa is beautiful. but i really think kibera would be worth a few pages in your project. kenya is not all about the beautiful and rich areas like karen

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    Kenya has loads of attractions. Check some out here;

    You can break down your project into, peoples of kenya, history, geographical features, etc.

    Also check


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    lets see theres the Serengeti and mount Kenya of course the beaches cheap houses our future president obama is part Kenyan its tropical weather ......

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