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What are some other department stores like macy's and dillard's?

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    It depends on where you live because not all department store are everywhere in the country. But I would say if you don't mind spending an arm and a leg for something Neman Marcus, Lord and Taylor and Saks. They fall more in the category of Macy's, but tend to be a little more expensive. But if your on a budget, I would suggest JC Penny or even Burlington or Palais Royal, they have good brand names for less.

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    Stores Like Dillards

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    Belk looks a lot like dillards, Nordstrom, JCPenney is not as nice but still decent.

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    Gottchalks Has Good Deals.

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    kohls, carson pierre scott, jc penny, lord and taylors...that's all I know.lord and taylors and carsons mostly

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    neman marcus, bloomingdale's, lord and taylor....

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