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Why didn't the Democratic party make the smart move and make Mike Gravel their nominee


He Released the Pentagon Papers to the public, by doing so, risked being arrested and jailed. The Pentagon Papers were documents that proved that America went to war with Vietnam under a fraudulent basis - History seems to be respeating itself - This helped to end the Nixon administration.

Went on a one-man filibuster (A long speech usually used to delay action) to end the draft, and succeeded by allowing the law to expire.

* Accomplishments *

Stopped the nuclear testing in the North Pacific. Nuclear testing done on the North Pacific not only contributed to the destruction of the environment, but ignored the non-proliferation treaty.

Served in the Alaska House of Representatives from 1963 to 1966, winning re-election in 1964.

Enlisted in the United States Army in 1951 and served in West Germany as a Special Adjutant in the Communication and Intelligent Services and as a Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence.

Attended Columbia University's School of General Studies and earned his B.S. in Economics in 1956.

Alaska senator from '69 to '81.

Based on the above accomplishments, you can see a trend that leads up to one gaining both experience and wisdom. Wisdom, Knowledge, Will, along with Experience, should be prerequistes for any leader to have. This leader possesses all of these prerequistes.

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    When Mike Gravel lost the democratic nomination he left the democratic party and ran as a libertarian. Libertarian ideology is very dissimilar to democratic ideology. Gravel has a great and lengthy resume, but did not propose a great plan. He had not won a single election in the last quarter of a century as he was unable to relate to voters. I believe Mike Gravel is a great and moral human being, but I do not believe he was the best candidate for the job. Further, he would have been extremely unlikely to beat John McCain had he won the democratic nomination. His record and background are very similar to McCain's, and McCain has more relevance given his current position of being a senator for the entire previous quarter century and his record of having been a moderate giving him the vast majority of independents.

  • Anonymous
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    While that's all well and good walk down main street U.S.A. and see how much name recognition Mike gets

    It would be like on Leno when they go out in the street to show how stupid people are about history etc.

  • salyer
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    New? I propose he's been around for one hundred 40 11 years! he's between the politicians(magicians!) of the repulocratic party. Vote for represrentative Ron Paul & help YOUR Libertarian party. verify us out on line & settle on for your self! unload the "magicians" & take YOUR u . s . a ./freedom decrease back!

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    Because it was NOT a smart move. Mike Gravel is an angry nutcase who would have scared away even the core of the Democratic Party, who would be afraid to have his finger on the nuclear trigger for fear of him starting WWIII.

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    I don't know. I must admit he was the only democratic candidate I liked. He is a true statesman. Good question.

  • Timmy
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    Modern day liberals have long abandoned their classical liberal roots for the nanny state.

  • Anonymous
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    Because no one really knows who he is,and he's too typical(In other words he's a white guy)

    Source(s): McCain 0'8.Honor and 27 years in the senate is better than nothing.
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