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do dogs see black and white or what?HOW DO THEY SEE?

i just always wanted to know how do they see

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    The fact that a dog sees only black and white is an Old Wive's Tale and not at all true. Dpgs can see some colors, but with the same intensity as a human.

    Dogs are red-green color blind. They see a brighter and less detailed world when compared to humans. Peripheral vision is better than humans (dogs see more of the world), but distance is not judged quite as well. Dogs excel at night vision and the detection of moving objects.

    I'm not really sure about 2D or 3 D, but I know that dogs can detect movement on a television. I had a Retriever who used to love watching TV. When she would see a dog on the television, she would run up to the screen and follow it with her nose. When the dog disappeared, she would look behind the TV to see where it went ... lol.

    The links below may give you more insight about a dog's vision.

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    It has been proven dogs can see in color, but not as we do, and they can watch TV and see it as we do...that has been proven also, many times over,.

    most people say no, I say yes, you can teach a dog colors...and then mix up the colors and tell the dog, fetch the color of ball or object you want them to bring back and they can do it...and you switch out the shapes of the objects so the dogs do not get use to the same color being associated with the same size object....

    this has proven to be true.

    some bloodhound trackers have been taught to retrieve the color of clothing a missing person was wearing, they show the dogs the color of shirt, jacket, or pants, and the dogs look for this color, really it has been done....since the scent of a person can change in the wilderness due to dehydration, blood from their dogs can see in color, just not as we do....

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    dogs see more than simple black and white. They see different shades and degrees of various color than humans do. Compare it to a type of color blindness....they see certain colors but again, not like we do.

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    Actually i was reserching and they said that dogs can see in color. It was a myth that they see black and white. I was also watching a show with ceasar mallan (aka dog whisperer) and he said that they see color and the color they are most attracted to is blue. Its kinda cool.

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    Dogs can see in color. They however cannot distinguish between red, orange, yellow and green.They can see various shades of blue.

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    They can see some colors but not all - I believe scientists discovered that they see the primary colors (red, blue, yellow)

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    All members of the canidae family (canines) can see in color - they just can't see 2 dimensions. So when you think your dog is watching tv, they really arent! We know this by the structure of the eye and its similiarity to the human and non human primate eye.

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    its been scientifically proved dogs see color.

    not alot, just the 3 basic colrs, blue,red, and yellow i think.

    very very dim color though.

    they are NOT color blind and do not see only grey

    add: the test was on a poodle and a labrador, they both saw these 3 colors.

    i really believe this because my mini poodle is attached to blue items, everything blue he loves and collects, lol

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    Here are pretty color charts, that show us what dogs see, compared to what we see:

    It is pretty much a faded version of what we see.

    That site also tells you why and how they know.

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    They see in color but not how we see... I wrote a paper on it. But they see differently... I can't remember though....

    And cats see in pastels.

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