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How long can a person live without eating or drinking?

What is the total amount of days for someone to go without eating?

What is the total amount of days for someone to go without drinking?

And I've always wondered about this too....what is the weight that considers you to be Anorexic? Also when you become Anorexic, I heard that your stomach gets smaller and when it gets too small it's impossible for you to recover, is that how they die? Or is it because of the essential nutrients to live, malnutrition? Also, is it possible for victims of Anorexia to recover?

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    You can last 3 weeks without food.

    You can last 3 days without water.

    Anything under the bmi of i would say 16 would be considered anorexic. You don't have to be anorexic for your stomach to shrink. Its just if you don't eat alot your would shrink by the end of the day. They die because they are severly malnutrioned and still refuse to eat as they see themselves as fat and don't want to gain any weight.

    It is possible for them to recover from anorexia if they try to recover and start eating again. If they have recovered they will find that most likely they will have have some severe health problems which could lead to them being infertile in the future and have problems with there heart and organs.

    Hope i explained everythign clearly for you.

    Hope i could help ♥

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    I'm not sure on the specifics, but you can only survive a few days without water, but you can survive for a like a month without food (depending on your level of physical activity). I know you die after 11 days without sleep though :P

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    about 7 days

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    one can live three days without food or water and only nine days without water if you have liquid but no food it depends on your health.

    yes you can recover from anorexia but its extremely difficult and it has to be under the care of a physician

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