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i need to draw a map of my neighborhood?? need help

You will draw a map of your neighborhood. The map does not have to be to scale. It can not be printed from a computer program or traced from a pre-existing map. It must be made by hand. Remember: This is a map to show how you live in your neighborhood and what your environment is like.

The map will include:

1. The name of your neighborhood

2. A border

3. Colors

4. Your home

5. Recreation opportunities – parks, playgrounds, sports, etc.

6. Places to buy food

7. The nearest stop for public transportation (subway or bus)

8. The nearest hospital, fire house and police station (emergency services)

9. The nearest public library

10. Two homes of people you know in the neighborhood

11. Where to go shopping

12. An arrow pointing to the nearest body of water (river, lake)

13. A compass (North-South, East-West axes)

14. Anything else you think is interesting!


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    As an artist I would approach the map like this, but whether or not you can do this for your assignment I don't know

    make it as big as possible

    find huge paper

    collage pictures on it - photos of your neighbourhood would be neat

    use the newspaper to locate buildings (use the pictures) the ads will have signage and names

    draw using whatever you like - pencil , sidewalk chalk (Buy at Walmart for $5),

    enjoy this project

    it sounds super fabulous and exciting.

    make a big map and hang it by strings from the ceiling so that you have to look up at it

    include a picture of your family, friends, pets, favorite sites


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    start with your house.. draw a little stick house. then in front of it, draw your street. you can draw your neighbor's houses too. Then draw the surrounding streets... just the main ones so that you can include the grocery store and stuff. If you live far away from everything, on one side of the paper draw where your house is, and then on the other side draw where all the community things are. connecting the two is the street you would drive on to get there. you can use symbols for stuff like a $ for the bank, an envelope for the post office, etc.

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    first use google earth and mapquest to print out a map just for refrence.

    Then, use graph paper to create your map.

    On graph paper, you can do acurate scale.. for example 1 city block may be represented by 1 block on the graph paper, or 4 blocks on the graph paper.. you can make it any scale you want.

    By using the graph paper and doing it to scale, you will be able to ensure you keep the map realistic and neat. You can find graph paper online by searching "graph paper" in google or yahoo search, or you can also find it on Microsoft Works.

    To keep your map clean looking, use lines from the thing you are naming and put the names around the edge of the map so you are not cluttering it up with lots of writing. You can color code the lines, such as red for stores and services, blue for recreation and playgrounds, green for people you know...

    I hope that made sense, Good luck!

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    google map your address. draw the streets.

    eliminate all the houses except the important ones (yours and 2 ppl you know)

    then draw in the stuff on the list.

    are you in elementary or something?

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  • get 14 different markers and make a GOOD key- that's the key to any good map-for houses or restaurants simply draw squares, rectangles, etc. and be consistent!

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    first draw the streets and blocks and labels them and then buildings. use a pencil so you can change it as u go along.

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    start with your own house i had a project like that for school if you start small and work out wards from your house it will be easier to do

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