Which ISP is the best for DSL in Los Angeles, California?

Right now I have AT&T Yahoo DSL, I have had the service for more than a year and all this time I always have this issue: sometimes the DSl light at the modum starts blinking red and there's no internet connection then it reasumes itself. It does not have a pattern on when it goes off and on. Sometimes I use the internet for weeks normaly with no problem, then that DSL light goes red and there's no connection. I call the tech support at at&t and they send a technician, they have send maybe like 5 or 6 in all this time a year and half to solve the problem. They had not charged me before, but just today a technician came and charged me, I know that he was not honest ,he told me a story that he had to repair something when I know he didn't do anything of that. I am not satisfied with the service and with their dishonest technicians. That's the reason why I am starting to look for a different ISP. If anybody would like to share his or her experieces and if somebody could recomend a good ISP. Or it might be possible that AT&T Yahoo is a good ISP just that I haven't had a good luck with them. I would like to know how AT&T yahoo is rated, is it an overall a good ISP or bad? I can only rely on experiences from other users. I live in Los Angeles, I have windows vista.

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    I think you should report your incident to ATT's customer service.

    DSL is provided by the phone company. Under the 1996 Telecommunications Act, the ILEC maintains the maintenance of all lines from the Central Office to the end user. If there is a CLEC in your area, which is possible but not highly likely for residential service, the transmission quality from the Central Office to your home is still handled by the ILEC, ATT.

    Perhaps you have a CATV (cable tv ) service in the area that may be an alternative.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i think of it may be risk-free to anticipate you're utilising a version of abode windows. merely open up Command instantaneous, or seek for cmd, while it opens, form in ipconfig /all and it is normally in the 2d batch of text cloth.

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