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Madonna and Kabbalah


i was just cusrious on your opinions. do you think Madonna is really a Kabbalahist or is it for show

i like her no matter what actually she kinda got me beleivin in kabbalah too but i was curius of your thoughts

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    Kabbalah, no matter how you transliterate it into English, is Jewish. Kabbalah as it is promoted by the likes of Madonna, Brittney and Demi bears little resemblance to the Kabbalah as taught by experts such as the late Gershom Scholem and by Orthodox Rabbis to their qualified students. Places like the Kabbalah Center teach a New Ager mish mash of various forms of occult/esoteric ancient eastern mysticism from Golden Dawn to Rosicrucian teachings and rely heavily on the medieval superstitions and amulets that were used to symbolize various powers. Often they attempt to integrate unrelated esoterica by imposing concepts from other sources into the Zohar and Sepher Yezirah. Madonna and other followers of what they call Kabbalah even try to separate it from Judaism outright by stating that Kabbalah isn't Jewish, but a separate religion

    Traditional Kabbalah isn't a religion of itself, it is medieval Jewish mysticism that attempts to understand and gain deepest insight into what the Kabbalist sees as the underlying or hidden meanings of the Torah. If one is not fluent in the Torah in Hebrew, it is impossible to be a genuine Kabbalist. I am not one of those people; my Hebrew is that of a novice, so I do not claim to be an expert on Kabbalah. I can understand basic explanations of it written for the layman in much the same way that I can grasp parts of astro-physics from the writings of Stephen Hawking. I believe that without a working knowledge of Torah in Hebrew as a prerequisite to Kabbalah study, it would be akin to a layman with only a high school level of physics knowledge claiming to be able to grasp the intricacies of Quantum physics because they read a popular text on the topic and follow a guru scientist. Unless one has a thorough knowledge of the Torah and Gematria (Hebrew numerology and mystical meaning associated with each letter) as prerequisites to study of Kabbalah, you aren't going to be able to understand what a Kabbalist knows. Discovery relies on those prerequisites in order to explore the Kabbalah's deepest meanings found in the Torah and to employ the power that is believed to emanate from them. You cannot separate Kabbalah from Torah.

    The pop version of Kabbalah calling it a religion independent of Judaism is another form of replacement theology. As other religions that sprang up in a similar method, they take elements of Judaism and use its terms and concepts in ways that are often contradictory to its teachings. The New Ager Kabbalist often dishonors what the Kabbalist believes are it's deepest truths. Kabbalah tattoos of the name of God are a prime example of that kind of disrespect. Adopting somewhat superstitious rituals that became associated with Kabbalah as of prime importance to obtain great power is yet another example. While sexist attitudes may have been a reason that women were not considered as Kabbalah scholars in the past, it also lingered as women were not historically the ones devoted to Torah study giving them prerequisite knowledge necessary to enable them to begin what the Kabbalist considered the most advanced level of Torah. Many Jewish women now study Kabbalah. The prerequisite of being over 40 is also now not always followed if the knowledge of the student is adequate as deemed by the rabbi who is teaching the lessons. Some claim that Jews were remiss in keeping this knowledge " secret" from everyone else. The Kabbalah was not taught to all as it was believed by them to contain wisdom that gave them great power and with great power came great responsibility. They wanted to only share it with those who were prepared and would handle such power without abusing it or dishonoring God.

    If you separate Torah and Judaism from Kabbalah, you don't have Kabbalah. I am not really interested in devoting the time or energy that would require me to become a Kabbalist. I prefer to read the works written by Gershom Scholem and Aryeh Kaplan and other respected authorities on the topic. Gershom Scholem was considered the world’s foremost modern expert on Kabbalah in his lifetime, having a chair at Hebrew University named in his honor. I know I can’t be an expert on everything, so I try to find the experts to help me with a layman’s working knowledge on topics that interest me. If New Age religion is your cup of tea, and you want to call the mix of many different eastern mysticisms and “ shamanism” Kabbalah, so be it.

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    I recall channel flipping one night and I caught Madonna on a nationally televised interview that she said that the Kabbalah she follows is " not Judaism", she said it was an " entirely separate religion". This is a false statement as It is not a religion. It is PART of a study of Torah, using mysticism. As one who values honesty, I speak out when I see someone misrepresent any aspect of Judaism.

    Unfortunately, The Kabbalah Center teaches things AS Kabbalah that have nothing to DO with Kabbalah. All one has to do to determine this is to look at their OWN web pages. I shall copy paste from a Q&A page at their site( note that all caps are MY emphasis )"Is Kabbalah Jewish?


    The second reason why so many people of different faiths become connected to Kabbalah is that IT IS A WAY OF LIFE THAT CAN ENHANCE ANY RELIGIOUS PRACTICE. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews use Kabbalah to improve their spiritual experience." .

    I highlighted those two things because they misrepresent Kabbalah. Kabbalah is DEPENDENT on Torah precepts. If a religion is in CONFLICT with Torah it can NO way "enhance" ANY religious practice. Polytheism is at odds with Torah, the Christian notion of a tripartate God is at odds with Torah. This does not mean that Kabbalah is not meant as universal wisdom. Misrepresenting Kabbalah is only ONE of the reasons why The Kabbalah Center is widely criticized by Orthodox Jews who take seriously the deep meanings of the most advanced level of Torah study.

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    I am a Christian who studies Kabbalah, and, in my opinion, the whole Kabbalah Centre is for show. I have read the works of Daniel C. Matt, Aryeh Kaplan, Gershom Sholem, Lenora Leet and Lawrence Kushner, and have found no mention of a red string in any of it. Also, none of them have little trade marked phrases like "technology for the soul" attached to the faith. If you want to study Kabbalah for real, I suggest that you steer clear of the Berg stuff and look into the authors listed above. They will guide you into the real deal. Also, be sure to have a copy of the Bible around, because you will need it for such study. If you have any deeper questions about it, feel frree to email me via my profile.

    Also, for some of those who answered above, Kabbalah is not satanic, but a mystical tradition of Judaism that basically serves as a commentary to the creation account of Genesis. The Torah is the central text of Kabbalah.

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    Madonna practices what is called "trendy Kabbalah." It isn't true Kabbala. Traditionally, one must study Judaism for many, many years before progressing into Kabbalah. Madonna didn't do that, so she is not a true Kabbalhist, nor will she ever be.

    Many celebrities have gotten interested in Kabbalah over the years, and it has become a trend, hence the term "trendy Kabbalah." When Kabbala is no longer the trendy thing to do, she'll try something else. It could be for show, it's hard to say. Regardless, I'll always like her too.

    @ Chris & Gyrine77--Kabbalah is of Jewish origin. Not of Satanic origin. You fundies really like to show off that ignorance, don't you?

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    Firstly CHRIS: stop bearing false witness. Is that not condemned in your religion, hmmm?

    To the asker:

    Madonna is not studying genuine Kabbalah. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, and can really only be fully appreciated by those with a good grounding in Judaism and Torah. Madonna is no doubt studying a lot of new age hogwash.

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    The problem with Madonna and kabbalah is that although she CALLS it kabbalah, it is not in any way the same thing as what has been understand as kabbalah for the last many centuries. So she is NOT a kabbalist in any meaningful sense of the word. Kabbalah is a mystical form of Judaism and requires anyone who wants to study it to be well-versed in Torah and Talmud before embarking on kabbalah. What she has been taught/is following doesn't seem to bear much resemblance to Jewish kabbalah. As far as I can understand, it's a hotch-potch of bits and pieces from here and there. It may be very meaningful, but it isn't kabbalah.

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    I have no clue what Madonna is, does, or studies. It it not up to me to assess any other human being's pursuit of spirituality. Kabbalah is nothing to "believe" in. It simply means, in Hebrew, "to receive." It is a Hebrew verb. Kabbalah is very simply the study of creation. It is for those who begin to wonder. "Why am I here?" It is not Judaism. Kabbalah came before Judaism. Judaism actually evolved from Kabbalah. Authentic Kabbalah has no red strings, Kabbalah water, or candles. Also it is free. All it takes is a desire to want know creation.

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    Thank the Gods we still live in a free country. Kabbalah is not satanic, it's Jewish in origin. But like all mystery traditions, Kabbalah really transcends religion (any rabbi will probably slap me for this).

    To study Kabbalah you need to study the Scriptures.

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    Everyone is entitled pursue his or her own spiritual path.

    It doesn't matter what she calls it, it is her own.It doesn't matter that she hasn't studied the Talmud,for example. No one is justified in saying that someone else's religious ideas don't count.

    Many people who are serious about spiritual matters have thought deeply about these things and have read about many religious/spiritual ideas which are different from those of the "faith" into which they were born. Often the conclusions such freethinkers reach do not fit into anyone's neat and tidy category.

    I don't think she is pushing it down anyone's throat.

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    hi party

    well, i m a huge not a madonna fan im afraid

    and yes i think its for show


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    I believe that if she really was a Kabbalahist, she would grow up, act her age, and keep her clothes on while being filmed for her music videos.

    IMO, its all for show.

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    All I have to say is Madonna is NOT a role model for any girl to follow. She is one messed up woman.

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