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george foreman the boxer- how old is he and how many kids does he have?

george foremen the boxer- how old is he and how many kids does he have?

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    foreman is 59 years old, and has 10 children:

    george jr

    george III (monk)

    george IV (big wheel)

    george V (red)

    george VI (joe)

    leola (daddy's little girl)

    natalie (songbird)

    freda george



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    George Foreman Kids

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    George Foreman Children

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    george foreman the boxer- how old is he and how many kids does he have?

    george foremen the boxer- how old is he and how many kids does he have?

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    Great question. This puts ALI in without the one talent he had that troubled Liston the most. His speed. He was still faster than the average heavyweight but not as fast, especially with his feet, as he was when he actually beat Liston. The Liston who destroyed Floyd Patterson wasn't much different from the one who lost to ALI. He Looked every bit the Destroyer because Patterson was so revered. He was a well liked person, a public figure who stood against all that the public disliked in both ALI and Liston. Patterson was also admired because he was a small champion. He was humble. But all of that does not make him a good champion, not when you compare him to other champions, past and future. Patterson's power was average at best. He feared Liston and most ANY version of Liston would have done the same to him. He was brave for taking the fight but all that courage ran out the door once the bell rang. ALI 74 was NOT prime ALI. That would have been between 66 and 70, had he not gone into exile. Perhaps, we never saw how much better ALI could have been. His best years were just beginning when he was forced out of the sport and he was a much different fighter, upon his return. Still, the ALI who beat Foreman was smart enough, and well conditioned enough to deflect enough of Liston's punches. Liston was a better boxer than Foreman was, so ALI would have had his work cut out for him. However, he would still have been able to fight at ring center, yet use his speed of hand to keep Liston off balance. If he couldn't dance against Foreman, chances are he wouldn't have danced against Liston either, unless they fought somewhere else and he was not as affected by the heat. That's a small factor. ALI's hand speed always troubled Liston and it would still have done so, in this case. His hands weren't much slower than in his prime years and he would not really need much foot work, only enough to keep just out of Liston's distance, which he still had at this point. The entire collection of power hitters that ALI faced, tells us that he would have handled the slightly fresher Liston. ALI was older and slower but he was smarter and he knew how to minimize the affects of a punch. I could see ALI losing only a few rounds while snapping Liston's head back with several jab-straight right combinations. Forget the rope-a-dope. He only came up with that at the last minute, during the Foreman fight. ALI was a master at thinking on his feet and adjusting to any changes during a fight. He would only fight off the ropes sparringly. After several rounds of absorbing dizzying straight punches to the head, Liston begins to lose his composure. He his no longer able to reach ALI, who continues to rain punches on his head, now at will. Liston would not hit the mat but, in round 12, he catches a "jab-jab-right-hook-right" stumbles back to the ropes where ALI begins to unload as the referee steps in to stop the contest. ALI by TKO in 12.

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