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What are some fun things to do in San Jose [CA], that are not too expensive?

Can't be over $25

and I'm bringing 4 other friends

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    Music in the Park:

    San Jose(Thursdays) -

    Campbell(Thursdays) -

    Los Gatos(Sundays) -

    Jazz on the Plazz(Wednesdays):

    Sundown Cinema(Fridays):


    Screen on the Green(Sept. 26th):



    Go for hike:

    Almaden Quicksilver -

    Castle Rock -

    Big Basin -

    Golfland (mini golf, arcade, waterslides):

    Raging Waters:

    Sky High:

    Happy Hollow:

    Winchester Mystery House:

    Vasona Park (picnic, rent a paddle boat, BBQ, go for a walk, run, etc.):

    Oak Meadow Park (picnic, ride the carousel and/or train, etc):

    Los Gatos Creek Trail (hike, bike, run, skip, walk, roller blade, etc.):

    Villa Montalvo (hike, check out the grounds, picnic, etc.):

    Hakone Gardens:

    Rose Garden:

    Santana Row (do lunch, check out the shops, play chess on the giant chess board, listen to live music, get an ice cream at Ben & Jerrys, catch a movie, etc.):

    Visit Downtown Los Gatos: Lots of cute shops and yummy places to eat.

    Tech Museum:

    Children's Discovery Museum:

    Egyptian Museum:

    Museum of Art:

    Farmer's Market:


    Pedi/Manis(pedicure/manicure) w/ the girls (assuming you're female...not that men don't enjoy getting their nails done too. LOL): Nail Salons all over San Jose.

    Wine Tasting (assuming you're over 21):

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Hope that helps! :o)

    FYI - Yahoo Answers only allows 10 links per answer so I had to remove the http from some of my links.

    Source(s): Born & Bred in San Jose...lived here all my life (32 years) and have done it all. ;o)
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    Hey Ang,

    I was born and raised in San Jose, or about 20 minutes south in Gilroy if you've heard of it.

    Ok so fun stuff to do that's cheap....I always enjoyed just walking down Santana Row and window shopping then catching a movie or ice cream (it's cash only btw).

    Also....There's a fun bowling ally up by Oakridge Mall. Los Gatos is adorable too, great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Not too far on the 17 is Santa Cruz, and the boardwalk is free! Mini Golf is only $5 there and it's an adorable little course, indoors.

    Let's see....Oh Big Sur is not too far away, beautiful drive. There's a farmers market every Sunday by downtown San Jose. So yummy!


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    Not sure when you will be in San Jose, but I live in Campbell (minutes from San Jose) and on Thursday nights there are free concerts. You can buy food and drink. Friday nights they do Sundown Cinema in the parking lot of a coffee shop. It's free, but they ask for a donation. You can also wander the Pruneyard Shopping Center or walk the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Here's a link to the website.

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    Try the beach. Always fun and parking is not expensive at all. I went to the beach today and parking was $6 for all day. There are many nice beaches in Monterey, Santa Cruz and other areas around there. Have fun!!!

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    Go to the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton. The drive to it up Highway 130 is a mission. If you make it up and back you'll never want to sky dive or bungee jump, ever.

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    Go to Golfland and play a round of golf.

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    Try the Winchester Mystery House.

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    drive over to Santa Cruz beach... or go a little further and go to Capitola and walk around capitola village after going to the beach

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    stroll down santana row and go shopping.

    or go downtown and check out the art museum and the tech museum.

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    You are so cheap!!!

    Things you can do:

    1) Go to the 99 cent store

    2) Go through the garbage!

    P.S. That's free!!


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