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Why Is everyone saying Breaking Dawn Is Bad?

Okay has anyone even like this book. How bad could it be New Moon was bad. Lets see I haven't read it and I am getting my book sometime today or monday!


HAHA I dont even have the book so I might have to wait lets see 2 more days!

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    In reply to Sinead, i prefer the north pole ^_^.

    And whoever said it's team Jacob who'll be annoyed, i totally agree.

    I'm not really on either team (because i always thought they were both perfect assholes), but i'm glad everyone in the book is happy.

    It and twilight are, in my opinion, the best books in the series. I like breaking dawn for its twists and surprises- if there weren't any the book would be boring- admit it!

    I don't think that there are any plotholes. Stephenie Meyer says that venom replaces all of the bodily fluids in a vampire. She also said that vampires can't have children together- she never said anything about a vampire and a human.

    I think that if you decided that you didn't like BD you obviously didn't read it properly. You need to close it and reread.


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    Everyone is saying it's bad because of how disappointed they were of how Stephenie Meyer ended the series. I am a huge fan of the series, and the first 3 blew me away! I have read Breaking Dawn, but I WILL NOT GIVE ANY SPOILERS, if you're wondering ;]

    Anyways, it's people's opinions, and some have said that it was awesome. However, I think that it was rushed, and the plot was random, sort of. Although I wanted some of the things to happen, it seemed so... "out of control" as in there were a lot of sexually implied scenes. I thought everything and everyone was out of character.

    The reviews on Amazon were around a 2 and a half star rating. I felt disappointed that a series as fantastic as this ended how she wrote it. Some of the characters didn't seem like themselves, like their personalities had been changed completely. But, it is her book, and I respect her for choosing whatever plot line Stephenie Meyer wants.

    But if you want the book, please buy it if you're prepared for a couple of shockers, my rating would be around a 2 and a half as well but some liked it, and you may too. So give it a shot =]

    **Note: I totally agree with Sinead! I have too read some fanfictions and it does seem better. And the part where Edward and Bella have a child, even though she says that they could not... that was out of place. If she wanted that to happen at least research some facts up like a "dhampir", which is born from a human mother and a vampire father. Or something to make it all fit in!

    Source(s): Scroll down to see the Breaking Dawn Reviews Dhampir:
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    ha ha I've been tip-toing around this all day (I'm in the UK so i can't get hold of the book till Monday :( ) I've not read spoilers but I've looked at people's reactions and now I'm so worried! Everyone seems to hate it! Even New Moon (my least fave in the series) was pretty well done so what could be so wrong here? I've read the first chapter and it seems fine, and funny actually!

    I guess we'll both have to wait, but I know how you feel! I'm sure SOMEONE likes it. It would be really stupid of SM and the publishers to put out the last book in a great series that was as bad as people are making it out to be. (i sure hope i don't regret saying this later...)

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    I'm going to be as unbiased with this as possible, though the chances of me succeeding are very, VERY slim.

    I myself don't like the book. I'll start with some simple composition elements first. I had to resist the urge to attack the book with a red pen to help out with some of the grammar. I know Stephenie is more a story-teller than an actual writer, but I'm appalled at some of the grammar mistakes I found. Also, I had a tough time reading it. I found it, with a lack of a better explanation, a roller coaster ride of boredom and interest. I had to force myself through areas. I don't enjoy doing that.

    Ok, I'm going to try not to post spoilers. Who knows whose reading. Let me attack the plot and the actual story now.

    The first ... oh I have to say maybe five or six chapters (I'll have to go check the book again to be sure) were wonderful. Then, one thing changes, and the whole book went spiralling from the first and only book that I've been more excited for than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to this: Please, please, PLEASE tell me this is a joke ... a dream sequence ... a horribly gone-wrong vision of the future that our darling Alice is having. As I blinked through yet another boring chapter, I found myself thinking "What did Stephenie do? Run out of ideas that she liked, so she jumped online and took a piece of every crappy fanfiction on every site in cyberspace and rolled them all into one?!"

    I'll keep it at that. I'm on anti-spoil until the book has been out at least a week.

    So, while I DON'T regret buying the book and reading it (I found a few chapters wonderful and a certain scene and the ending three or so pages slightly tear-jerking for my own reasons), I'll put it at this:

    If I had the choice of having Breaking Dawn for FREE a day early, signed and presented to me by Stephenie Meyer herself and paying $1000 for a copy of Midnight Sun instead, I'd pick Midnight Sun. Hands down. In a heartbeat.

    Source(s): I've had the book finished for around 24 hours now. I also have two best friends on the verge of finishing the book who have the exact same opinion.
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    if you didn't like New Moon then you will absolutely despise Breaking Dawn. Its awful. There are so many holes in the plot, it jumps all over the place. It is story telling at its absolute worst. Stephenie Meyer should be incredibly embarrassed and I hope they don't make it into a movie. I definitely wouldn't buy a spoiler. lol its about the same effect of reading the book.

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    I wasn't crazy about it at the biggening but i stuck with it and it got a lot better. ignore people, it is not that bad, i injoyed most of it, and i think it is deffinatly worth reading, especially if you are a fan of the series. there was one part the some people think has a big plot hole that rubbed some peopl the wrong way and is making them really mad, but i think that we all, including me, need to be reminded that it is just a book and they need to not get so worked up and let people have there own opinions. u should read it, but be warned, it can get mature!

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    That was serious advice. Breaking Dawn has a HUGE pothole in its plot. If you don't want the spoiler..i wont tell you. Just go to the Lexicon, and look up her correspondences and read what happens to ALL OF THE VAMPIRES BODILY FLUIDS after they get changed. Once you read that. Read the book. and you'll see the pot hole...hmm...what else...o yeah. Everyone is out of character. (minor spoiler alert right here) - Edward offers to let Bella have sex w/ Jake if he can talk her out of something....THAT'S NOT A GENTLEMAN. The whole thing reads like a fan fiction. In fact, I've read some Breaking Dawn fan fictions that are actually better than the book itself. Its pathetic. She misleads you when your reading. I don't want to give out the spoiler, so imagine this:

    You going on vacation to Florida. you're 3/4s the way there and packed with summer clothes. Then right before you get there, you turn around and fly to the north pole...

    Thats not a very good analogy...but i cant do any better. She braces you up for a lot of stuff, and then your let down...honestly...i wish i never read the book. I like the fanfictions better. and thats sad on my part, but its true. This book is a huge letdown in general.

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    nicely -- there is no longer something in the e book that your mom could no longer see in complete shade on any form of cleansing soap operas, so i might probable classify it as PG-13. :-) it incredibly is a complicated tale, and it does not have the gee-whiz-we are-in-love experience of the 1st 3 books, in spite of the undeniable fact that it is not undesirable for what happens "thankfully ever after . . ." There are some weird and wonderful twists, nevertheless, and Stephenie Meyer broke various the regulations of her very own fantasy international so as to make that ensue, that's why some human beings are bent out of shape.

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    This will seem desrespectful but its out of rage...

    THAT WOMAN (the author) sets us up for so long and im not going to spoil anything but... the ending will have you questioning why everything went on so long if the story was going to end like that anyway.

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    yeah good question!

    i have been wondering too

    i love the twilight series

    so how bad can the final book be?


    cant judge yet

    because i havnt read it

    getting it soon :]

    happy reading :p

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