How has the Patriot Act deteriorated our freedoms and...

in what ways do you believe the Government has gone way over the line to supposedly protect us from terrorists? In the name of the War on Terror, do you suddenly feel like they are treating American citizens like WE are the terrorists? Please name things that you feel are violating your Constitutional rights as a LAW ABIDING American citizen. Your voices need to be heard. I'm writing to our lawmakers.

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    The Patriot Act allows warrantless wiretapping of phones and computers, unlimited access to our email, library, and book purchasing records, etc. People can say all they want, "Well, if you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have to worry," but what if there's an administration in power that doesn't like what you believe in? All they have to do is DECLARE you a terrorist, whether there is any basis in fact to it. And since they have also done away with habeas corpus, you would have no recourse and could be held indefinitely for as long as they want, totally unable to communicate with the outside world. And then there's the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Look that one up and see what freedoms are simply gone because of that. Sure, it hasn't been used yet, but it shouldn't even be on the books!

    I won't bother to quote Ben Franklin, but you all know what he said about liberty and security.

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    The Patriot Act and other measures undertaken by our government have been effective. There have been attacks thwarted as a result of these measures.

    No, I do not feel as though Americans are being treated as though we are the terrorists. I'll put the ball back in your court; what is the government doing that's violating your constitutional rights as a law abiding citizen?

    I find it ironic that those who so vociferously decry the Patriot Act as an infringement on our rights are the ones who would like nothing better than for me not to be able to have my guns, which is a CLEAR violation of my constitutional rights.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You are going to get a lot of answer telling you it was Bush that enacted the Patriot Act while ignoring if Obama had not extended it, it would be no more as we speak. So it is no longer the "Bush Patriot Act" but the "OBAMA Patriot Act". Funny how they don't give credit/blame for that, but you have many trying to change the Bush tax cuts to Obama tax cuts while they drool anticipating that rebate check. And yes I'd like to know where all those liberal "questions" crying about lost freedoms went a person used to see daily/hourly on YA. Come on people, the Patriot Act is still in full effect, it is still robbing your freedom, but yet the left has gone silent on since Obama not only kept it in place but added to it. Would that be an example of hypocrisy?

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    In my personal life I do NOT know ANYONE who is an honest American citizen who has been adversely affected by the Patriot Act. I don't know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who is an honest citizen who has been affected.

    I DO know a Marine who was a guard at Gitmo.

    He is a NEW American Citizen born and raised in China under Communist rule (which he hates) and educated at VMI prior to serving in the Marines.

    HE can tell you some stories about Gitmo that will cause you to be REVOLTED by the crap and outright LIES told by our Leftist Media.

    The Patriot Act is essential to finding terrorists before they strike. The Clinton Administration eviscerated the CIA and as a result 9-11 happened.

    We Must make up for that and reestablish American security.

    Then get rid of it once it is no longer needed.

    I don't care if the Govt. hears me making sweet-talk with my wife. If that interests them, golly, they need to be doing something else with their lives. Maybe they would be interested in our dinner plans with my mother-in-law?

    If the Democrats gain power in the White-House, GET RID OF IT !!!!

    They are NOT to be trusted if Bill Clinton is any example of what the Democrats will permit.

    (Notice Republicans oust anyone who has engaged in dubious activities. The Democrats? - - - NOT!)

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  • LeAnne
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    I honestly believe that the need for the Patriot Act or something very similar was clearly demonstrated on 9/11.

    It isn't very good policy to be reactive rather than proactive when it comes to dealing with people who clearly want to destroy us by murdering and terrorizing our citizens.

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    I believe they are stepping way over the line when it comes to the right to free speech. I read many essays about the Patriot Act, and they discussed different scenarios. One was where a man was at the gym, and he said that the war was just about oil. The FBI stopped at his place. Also, 2 men I believe were at the mall wearing t shirts that said something about the war (obviously against it), and the security guard told them to remove their shirts or that they would have to leave.

    I have read that they can search our things without a warrant, and that we can be completely unaware that someone has gone through our things just because we were labeled as a threat.

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    It hasn't; it has however, excused the inept application of the necessary job function qualities (pre-existing qualifications) of the Federal Government employees who were responsible for maintaining the life and liberty of Americans previous to 9-11.

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    1 decade ago

    Aside from a few minor occasions where there have been questionable investigations, I don't think the Patriot Act has taken anyone's freedoms away...except maybe some people who wanted to support terrorism.

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    Talk about paranoia...what lost freedoms? I haven't noticed any changes to my constitutional rights, but I have noticed no other attacks from fanatical jihadists in seven years.

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    If we can't find the terrorists before they strike us, we will have no freedoms at all. They want to take away all of our freedoms which we take for granted.

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