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Sword fighting techniques?

I have competition coming up, with the odds slightly in my opponent's favor. Though he's not particularly familiar with sword fighting, his sword is of oriental design, and weighs about 3 pounds. It is about equal length to mine, but mine weighs about 12 pounds. I am stronger than him, and a bit more experienced, but I still fear he greatly has the upper hand. Any tips to overcome this? Thank you all who answer.

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    Just keep the sword held up infront of you. it's easy to block when the sword is infront of you. if he strikes down, the sword drops fast enough. I know a technique that might come in GREAT use. it's my favorite sword move (and almost always works). If you get to the point where he strikes above you (,before he hits you), quickly put the sword above you head for a basic block. Keep your hands and sword above your head, when his sword makes contact with yours, use the momentom of the impact the swing the sword around your head. While swinging your sword remember to run diagnaly torwards his direction (so that the sword doesn't continue to swing at you). His sword will be in a possition where he can't get to you before you swing your sword around him and strike his back. Also, if you simply wish to dodge an swing from above, keep this one in mind: When your apponent is about to slice directly down, quickly check wich hand is on the bottom of his sword. once you descover wich of his hands is on the bottom of his sword, move to diagnaly to the side of the sholder of that hand. Naturaly, you would swing in the direction of the hand on the top of your sword. if he sees you moving that way, it will take him a second to change direction, this gives you enough time to do something about it. My source will link to a man who goes by "Chosonninja" on youtube. he is the greatest instrutor i have ever seen. my source has a link leading to his profile, when you go to the link, search "umbrella technique" and it will explain the technique i first explained. he also has MANY other sword videos, and many other weapons and techniques. Hope i helped.

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    The techniques in western movies are fantasy sword winging morons that are about as good as if you play fenced as you grew up. These "sword techniques" are for little more than show, but they're usually taken from various arts' (very loosely taken) forms/kata. Bottom line, you need professional help either way, from either a stuntman or sword instructor.

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    ....12 pounds for a sword.....? that's not a great thing, how big is it....? Anyways, I'm annoyed if I have a sword that weighs even 2 lbs. let alone 12 pounds... if you use a European style, then just overpower him, but if you can, I think it's time to get a new blade.

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    If you can match his speed you will be fine, but a 3 pound katana? Gonna be rough dude...

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    Control the distance.

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    how do you fight with a 12 pounder?you defenitly cant defeat him at speed so lets try strength.if he thrusts sidestep and immediatly slash horazontaly

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    sure go ahead try it, beats me.

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