Everyone says that Breaking Dawn Sucks, is it true??????

That's all I have read and heard. Anyone who has read it, does it really suck???

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    I haven't finished it yet but so far yes, it sucks. It's the worst book in the series and possibly the worst book I have ever read. The whole plot is really stupid and predictable, The characters just don't seem like themselves, and it almost seens like the author was inlfuenced from fanfiction. The only reason I'm still forcing myself to read it is that since I read the first three books I can't help but wonder what will happen. The first books I really couldn't put down, but with this one it's almost like a chore to read. I'm hoping it will get better, but at the rate it's going I highly doubt it will.

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    I bought, and finished the book today. It took me ALL day to read it.

    I spent months waiting on the release of this book,

    and it was so disappointed I almost cried.

    There were.....WAY too many plots in one story.

    Honestly, it sounded like one of those terrible fan-fictions written by fans..yes...it was definately a Mary Sue.

    everyone was out of character, and it was almost impossible to follow the plot..as there was soooo much happening. maybe if she had stuck to one problem, maybe two.. such as bella's transformation and the kid, or the kid and jacob imprinting on her... (no more spoilers, I swear.)

    SM's entire writing technique and style was sorely compromised in this book. However, when Midnight Sun is published, I will once again purchase the book for the sake of nostalgia and the fantastic..ness.... of her previous books.

    Breaking Dawn was....


    But, I only paid like thirteen bucks for the hardcover, so I'm not too sore in the pockets from the loss.

    =[ its heartbreaking.

    and by the way..the reason it sucked has nothing to do with the fact bella entered the "teenage pregnancy". I think the idea would be great, if everything else wasn't so busy around it. So....that was really a dumb reply...because honestly, the only reason the book sucked was because it was way to busy.

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    Holy lord yes! I agree with everything that's basically been said. The characters are crappy and boring and being the biggest TEAM EDWARD girl, I found myself liking Jacob because of his familiarity and that he's the only character who stayed the same and his book was the only thing that interested me, after chapter 20 it started to seem ok but really it doesn't have anything the first three had. It's magic that ran through the others is gone and it's screwed up. I feel really let down because for months I had been looking forward to a great ending to a great series, and now all I want to do is finish the thing and throw it out or bury it somewhere. It blows, Not SM finest hour, or even second. It's barely about Edward and Bella and it didn't seduce me into the world like the others did, it fizzled and honestly, went out.

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    Now i wouldnt say the booked sucked. I thought it was okay but it didnt have the same greatness that the other books had. I thought that bella voice had changed. For some reason they seemed different to me. Maybe Stephine Meyer was going for more matured women so that she was able to deal with the events that lied ahead. Also it was all so happy. Every 'good' character got their way in the end. It seemed a little unreal to me. I felt like some one big should have died, i was hoping jacob would seeing how im a jacob hater but whatever.

    However i know friends who have thought the book was amazing so it clearly doesnt suck for everyone. Theres still hope for people who havent read it yet.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Breaking Dawn was one disappointment after another. I wont spoil anything for anyone who hasn't read it or isnt finished, but I was expecting something so great for the final book and all I got was angry, fustrated, and disappointed throughout the entire book. There were parts I liked but still it sucked. I felt like I was reading a teenager's fanfiction. This is the only book of the twilight saga I was ever disappointed in and will only read once.

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    1 decade ago

    Almost everyone elses response I totally agree with, I work at a bookstore and was soooo excited to read this book, and I seriously was the most disappointed I have ever been.

    The one thing that bothers me above all, was that Bellas blood was so addictive to Edward, like a siren call. So I expected her changing to be a sensual experience, not i horribly gruesome scene with a spine breaking baby. Absolutely ruined what couldve been beautiful into something awful.

    And the whole pregnancy thing. This novel just seemed entirely too far fetched. Even for Bella and Edward, and Edward was made to look ridiculous in this book.

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    Hmm.. I had much greater expectations for this book. I am obsessed with the twilight series, and I thought this greatly anticipated book would have a much better plot line. I am not done with it yet.. but before, while reading Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, I could not put it down until I was finished. With Breaking Dawn, I don't know if I even want to pick it up again.. it's disappointing.. =(

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    Like many other Twilight fans, this books was a true dissapointment. We fell in love with the characters in the first three books and now I'm left just being bored with them.

    Spolier Alert

    1. What was she thinking allowing her to get pregnant like that? Its just surreal.

    2. I understand that this was a teen novel, but there should of been more graphic details during the love scene.

    3. Island Esme? It made more sense for them to go up north.

    4. Jacob imprinting? I cant believe that. He was crazy about bella. That just makes no sense.

    5. It doesnt matter how control she was when she changed. She should not of been able to be around humans when she changed.

    6. The marriage scene should of been longer. Everything was so rushed in the begining of the book

    I've just had a hard time with the book overal. There was an opprtunity for her to give Bella more backbone. It would have been nice to read that she went to college, experienced life more.

    To me, the message that stephanie meyter is telling TEEN girls is

    strive to get married to the one you love at 18. Its okay to skip on life experiences and miss going to college.

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    I personally liked it when I finished it, but when I read what everyone had to say, I started to hate it. It was like a sick child porno with vampires and pedophiles. The book had almost everything you could dream of. Bella pregnant? Skipping over being a newborn? And whats up with her power? Didn't she have that when she was human? I think that the pressure got to Stephenie and she just put in every bit of crap that floated into her head. I remember reading Eclipse and I remember Breaking Dawn and it doesn't even seem like the same plot. Everything happens at once. I wasnt even over the fact that Bella was pregnant by the time I got to her being a vampire! What the heck?! I think that Stephanie should at least make BD into two books or rewrite it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly this book was a HUGE let down. It would make an alright stand alone book but it does not fit in with the rest of the series at all. The characters are all wrong, mixed up and backwards. It was honestly like reading really bad fan fiction. It has none of the elements that the other books have and kinda ruins the rest of the series but unless your are an over the top Jacob fan ( which i am not ) this book has no reedeming qualities. Honestly Jacob is the only good part of this ovel concedering hes more than half the novel. but for team edward(like me) Stephenie didn't do him justice!!!

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