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Who is Katie/Jordan Price?

Which one is it - Katie or Jordan? And why is she famous? I read an article about how offended she was about not being invited to the polo matches recently and I can't find really any clear explanation of who she is... I know she's british, but other than that...?


Haha, so basically she's like the Kim Kardashian of the UK? (not that I hate Kim or anything... but she is pretty irrelevant except for her famous butt)

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    Shes a British page 3/glamour model. She's famous for her huge fake ****. She married Peter Andre- a washed up pop-star. Oh and they're the same person, her real name is Katie Price, "jordan" was her model name.


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    jordan is her alter ego you could say and she was a glamour model in the 90's then she went out of the lime light for a while then she went on a reality tv show and fell in love with peter andre they got married and have had 2 kids together but she has one other child from a previous relationship and he is disabled she uses the name katie price in her new carrer as a authour and tv host and all the other things she does so she doesnt get stuck with that glamour model image just google her you will probably find loads of stuff on her she is always doing magazine interviews

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    glamour model but shes gone into books and tv.

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