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Why does everyont think that steroids will make a guys penis shrink or get smaller? NOT TRUE!

Why does everyone think that a guys penis will shrink if he takes steroids?? SERIOUSLY. When you take steroids, you are replacing your natural testosterone (endogenous) with steroids (exogenous). This causes your natural testosterone to shut down, and to eventually stop producing any. Its a part of HOMEOSTASIS. Your body balances it out. This results in increased estrogen as well since testosterone aromatizes to estrogen. IF you do not take a proper ancillary (arimidex, aromasin) to control your estrogen levels, you will lose some sensitivity to your penis. If you DONT TAKE HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) along with the exogenous test (steroids) then your BALLS will shrink, since that is where you normally and naturally produce testosterone, and now you arent. It does NOT affect the size of your penis!!!! Some people have "limp penis" from being shut down completly. Throw in some test and your good! HRT people - Hormone Replacement Therapy. Look it up! Steroids dont shrink your penis!!!!

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    whoever thinks that is wrong, because it's your balls that shrink

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    What's the question? Personally, and I spend quite a bit of time around body builders, I've never heard of steroids shrinking the penis. Balls yes, penis no.

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