Why do we have to learn Spanish when we are in America?

I Just wanted to know. I mean, I know in the U.S learning Spanish isn't mandatory, but it might as well be. America has to always print everything thats in English, in Spanish also. I Just want to know why we virtually have to comply to Hispanic needs. They want us to learn to speak Spanish, but do they realize that they are in America? Why shouldn't they be the ones to learn our language because they are in your country. A lot of jobs here in California want you to be bi-lingual just to be hired. If the U.S is going to virtually force us to learn other languages to keep up with the other countries (gosh, how to say this; other countries' schools make it mandatory that students

have to learn more than one language, and the U.S doesn't, so they are trying to "make us smarter" by forcing another language upon us.)

Why should we adhere to Hispanic needs? If they're going to make us learn more languages, we need to lean French, Spanish and other languages too. Not just Spanish. I feel this way because I feel that some immigrants (some illegal) feel that we Americans need to learn to speak Spanish. So, my question is, why should be adhere and comply to what they want, when they should be the ones learning the English language since they're not in their home country? I have made it a goal of mine to learn Spanish just so I have a better chance of getting a job. I mean, its just, I feel almost forced to learn Spanish or else I am not likely to get a job. I plan on going to Mexico to learn Spanish fluently, but I wouldn't go over there in a mindset that the Hispanic in Mexico need to learn English! Thats disrespectful to go to another countries and force your wants upon its people.

So, tell me your thoughts on this....

And no, NOT ALL Hispanics feel this way, and I didn't say that all of

them did. If you read the question carefully, it says SOME.

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    Languages offered in schools vary greatly... in NYC were I teach Japanese, Arabic, Russia, Mandarin, German, French, Hebrew etc are all offered as well as Spanish.

    If you think about it when we invaded America we forced Native Americans to speak english!

    You also need to know that learning a different language will help you with many skills including math! Your brain doesn't just store language in one part of the brain... english maybe stored in one area spanish another and so on!

    Also we need to start realizing that we live in a GLOBAL COMMUNITY!!! not just good Ole US of A

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    Some of you are suggesting that because I know Spanish I'm illegal. I was born and raised in the USA.

    It's an option and you don't have to learn it if you don't want to. It's also an option to learn French, Italian, and so on. So why is learning Spanish an issue?

    I travel a lot and the US is the only county in the world that I have found people that considers learning another language a negative.

    I learned to speak 4 different languages and still learning more and I consider it to be a blessing.

  • Sarah
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    4 years ago

    It would be very hard work and if you could work towards acquiring a basis before you go then this would improve your chances. It would be very important also to make sure that the family you were placed with spoke Spanish all the time no matter what and that you spoke Spanish with your classmates (it's a big temptation to opt for an easier life there and if you mix with fellow English speakers then this will hold you back). But if you are determined enough, then you should do very well.

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    Sounds like America is going the same way as the U.K.

    British nationals are loosing their culture to foreign immigrants

    who come to the U.K,and then want everything changed to embrace

    their own culture, and the powers that be, give in every time.

    (When in Rome springs to mind), Appeasement seems to be the in word,

    U.K charity is seen as weakness by some. I,like hundreds of thousands

    of British nationals who leave the U.K each year,have found another home,and live by their law and culture.Lets hope America stays true

    to it's own people, unlike the U.K. Next year there will be another 400,000 dissatisfied British nationals leaving the U.K, will the Government ever wonder WHY?

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    1 decade ago

    You dont have to learn spanish if the label also has english

    You can read your english and ill read my spanish

    Oh and some have french too

  • 1 decade ago

    America does not have an official language.

  • Bonita
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    1 decade ago

    Well, America doesn't have a set language. We are the country of immigrants. With the hispanic population growing so fast it doesn't hurt us to learn a little Spanish. What is the big deal if we have papers in English and Spanish? If it helps them understand what they are reading, then what is the big problem? A lot of hispanic people want and are trying to learn English, but it takes time. Also, a lot of them do speak English but they may be too embarrassed to speak to somebody they don't know because they are afraid they will say something wrong.

    The thing that bothers me most is when an English speaking person says/asks something to a Spanish speaking person and they talk SO fast with slang.. OF COURSE they aren't going to understand!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We should not have to learn Spanish if we live in the US but it can be helpful.

    Try living in South Florida if you do not understand or speak Spanish.

    You'd never belive that you are in the US

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    well noone ask you to learn spanish and u dont have to buy anything that is print in spanish, and nobody is forcing u to learn o speak spanish, and im workin in a office and i dont need to speak spanish or i have to learn spanish so i dont kno why u poor lil gal needs to learn that to get a good job, i can teach u spanish if u want

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    1 decade ago

    My home boy works at McDonalds. They hire illegals like you wouldn't believe. The way they do it, is to send the illegals down to this lawyer who fills out some kind of form for them. He on purpose does not fill the form out all the way before he submits it to the government. This alone buys the illegal a lot of time before the form gets kicked back. When they get the form back, they instantly have more time before the form has to be resubmitted. When they do finally resubmitt the form, the illegal has even more time to be an illegal. If something goes wrong, they just pull another name out of the sky and slap it on that illegal. Pedro could have been Carlos yesterday. Get it??? As far as us Americans learning Spanish..... Piss on them!!! let THEM learn English the same as all other imagrents proudly did.

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