Online Homeschooling...Options & K-12?

I'm really interested in Keystone- but it's way to expensive for me.

I'm looking for something free- or very low in cost.

I was researching-

I came across K-12?

But I don't think I'm eligble

For I live in Missouri.

And I don't live in the St.lous area...


Uhmm I looked at that.

It sounds really good, but I just can't afford 350 dollars for just one 1/2 course. I'd be paying out of my own pocket. Haha Thanks though :D

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    Keystone's about as cheap as you're going to find except for Penn Foster - which doesn't have "live" teachers.

    You could do the CDIS through U of MO:

  • glurpy
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    1 decade ago

    Try Move quickly because it sounds like they only have a few free spots left.

    ADDED: I don't think you understand. As a Missouri student, if you are school age, it is FREE if you sign up soon enough . If you aren't school age, you won't find ANYTHING free. Penn Foster or American School of Correspondence are two possibilities. Of course, you could always forego the high school and just go for the GED.

    SECOND ADDITION: I should add that school age in the US typically means 21 and under. You are usually allowed to get funded by the government for your secondary education until then.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am actually looking into Penn Foster. I never heard of Keystone, but it seems more expensive. From what I see it's about $379.00 a credit. But at Penn you can pay one price for getting your whole Diploma.

    Can you explain?

    Also it doesn't matter what grade you're in to enroll.

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