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Sound problems due to update?

Earlier when I was installing an update for the Conexant High Definition audio driver (via HP Updates) for my HP Pavilion dv6226us running Windows Vista, I encountered a problem. During the update installer, there was a Windows error saying that a certain .exe(can't remember the name) stopped working and has to close. So I clicked close program and that was when I started experiencing these problems. The update installer continued and finished normally. But now, on my keyboard, the button to unmute/mute the sound is lit red which means the sound it muted. In the system tray, the sound icon shows that the sound is NOT muted and the volume is at 100(the highest). When I click on the sound icon, the outline of the dialog appears but not anything in it(like the button you slide up and down to decrease and increase the volume). How do I fix this problem?

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    Vista and updates - what a deal!

    1) Delete the updated driver program and folder.

    2) I would uninstall your sound drivers by uninstalling through Device Manager. The drivers are probably installed on the hard drive - restart and let Windows find and install the old drivers.

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    try reinstalling the sound driver from the motherboard cd.

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