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Pokemon Character Drew

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Can anyone give me a list of all the pokemon episodes that drew appears in.
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Pokemon episode 309 (AG033)
"Now that's Flower Power!"

Pokemon episode 311 (AG035)
"Win, Lose or Drew!"

Pokemon episode 326 (AG050)
"Pros and Con Artists!"

Pokemon episode 327 (AG051)
"Come What May!"

Pokemon episode 337 (AG061)
"Disaster of Disguise!"

Pokemon episode 353 (AG077)
"A Fan with a Plan"

Pokemon episode 390 (AG113)
"Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?"

Pokemon episode 398 (AG121)
"Hi Ho Silver Wind!"

Pokemon episode 399 (AG122)
"Deceit and Assist!"

Pokemon episode 400 (AG123)
"Rhapsody in Drew"

Pokemon episode 439 (AG162)
"Spontaneous Combusken "

Pokemon episode 450 (AG173)
"New Plot, Odd Lot"

Pokemon episode 451 (AG174)
"Going for Choke"

Pokemon episode 456 (AG179)
"May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!"

Pokemon episode 457 (AG180)
"Thinning the Hoard!"

Pokemon episode 458 (AG181)
"Channeling the Battle Zone"

Pokemon episode 463 (AG186)
"The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing"

That's all i think there is. There is an episode which drew, harley and solidad appeared but only for a little time (5-10 sec i think) so i didn't include it. I think that was between episodes 543-547 (I'm not pretty sure) It was in the Wallace Cup (Mikuri Cup)


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  • Jhonny P answered 7 years ago
    go to tv.com
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  • Pokemon Character Drew
    Can anyone give me a list of all the pokemon episodes that drew appears in.
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