Please help me with some computer hardware terms. (e.g. RAM, Processor, SAS drive, etc.)

I really know nothing when it comes to computer hardware. Could you please help me with these terms? I need to know what they are and how they benefit the user. Thanks!

1. Processor and number of cores. Also, what difference does the Ghz make?

2. Memory/RAM. How will more of it help?

3. RAID Card (mac-only term)

4. Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives

5. Fibre Channel PCI Express card (Maybe a mac-only term. Not sure)

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    1) Your processor is the heart of the computer. It does the computations. All those 1's and 0's in your computer get mashed there. The number of cores (in really basic terms) is how many 1's and 0's it can smash simultaneously, and the speed (Ghz) is how quickly it can smash them. The general rule is, if you are doing a lot of different things (music, video, game, internet browsing, etc) all at once, you want more cores. If you are doing one or two very intensive applications (modern gaming) you want a faster core speed.

    2)RAM is where it stores information when it's using it, but can't currently put it in the processor. The more of it, the better. It will greatly increase your computer's ability to multitask without having to access the hard drive (which, in computer terms, takes a long time). The standard you want to have now-adays is about 1-2Gb with high end machines being closer to 4 or 8.

    3) RAID Cards allow you to use multiple hard drives more effectively. Some of them allow for hard drives to back up onto each other, others allow you to use multiple hard drives as single, large logical partitions. Great article for more information.

    4) SATA and SCSI are two different types of ways to connect your Hard Drives with the rest of the computer. SATA is much cheaper, SCSI is much faster. Pretty much the only time you will see SCSI is in file server computers where there is a large need to access the hard drive quickly.

    5) I'm not sure on this one actually. A PCI Express card is a standard card you plug into your computer's motherboard to give it some kind of additional function (usually video cards, memory card readers, or extra ports) but the Fibre Channel thing, I've never herd of.

    Hope that helps, sorry for the wall of text.

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    1. The CPU (central processing unit) or processor acts as a brain for the computer. the number of Ghz (Gigahertz) and cores greatly affect the performance of your computer (the more the better) also the size of the cache affect performance too.

    2. Memory or RAM (random access memory) affects how many programs can be running at one single time. the computer uses it to read and write temporary files (heaps every second). more ram, better performance

    3. Sorry im not a mac person - cant answer this

    4. Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives, this is the fancy name fora hard drive.HDD's are used to store data and can vary in size from a couple of terrabites to a few hunded mgb's the bigger the faster the drive (measured in rpm's) the fasteryou can read and write to it.

    5.Fibre Channel PCI Express card. this is your graphics card (i know this because the computer i amusing right now has this written on the label) graphics cards are important for video quality (anything you see on your screen is done by your graphics card)

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    What are you trying to ask? The purpose of them? If it's what you are trying to ask...

    Well this is the answer:

    1. Well number 1 is CPU, when it comes to the latest computer generation, Intel developed Cores type. Like generation ago, Intel develop Pentium, so now it's Cores. And Ghz is the speed. A Ghz is something that compares. If 4 Ghz. It's mean 4 Gigabytes persecond.

    2. Memory/RAM? RAM is Random Access Memory. It stores everything temporary, from the main Memory (Hard Disk).

    3. When it comes to RAID, card it's a method of Hard Disk. Well I'm not going to explain all of them. But I do give you the info, it's the method that Hard Disk using. Normally it need more then 2 hard disk.

    4. SerialATA (SATA)? Is the connection method used by Hard Disk. It's SATA the newest. Probably your computer is using SATA now. SCSI is quite popular. But they don't really use it on normal computer. I as tech, I got SCSI.

    5. PCI express card. Is an expansion bus. When it comes to expansion bus. It's something that your Sound Card, Graphic Card, and etc. to plug in.

    It's 100% Hand writting (Type sorry)

    Hope this help!

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    1. Processor is the brain of the computer. As more cores, as more brains. As higher GHz, as faster you can think. Imagine how would it help you to run faster if you have 3 heads. :)


    2. This is some kind of temporary brain. Like your ability to sprint. As more you have of it, as further you can sprint.


    3. RAID is something what manages your harddisks. For example, if you want to make sure you don't lose data, RAID would assist you in copying every information to another harddrive. If one fails, it is still on the other one.


    4. Serial ATA, SAS are the ways hardisks communicate with the computer. There is IDE (Parallel ATA = PATA), SATA (Serial ATA) and SAS (SCSI). For todays desktops PATA are recommened, SAS are just booldy expensive and designed for servers (fast as hell)


    5. No idea :)

    Source(s): own exp.
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