All Because of You 的 中文歌詞

誰可以給我完整的All Because of You 的 中文歌詞><~~~



啊~~抱歉~~沒寫清楚>口<~~~ 要的是~~帕妃的~~All Because of You ...

sorry =口="~~

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    Ne-Yo Because Of You

    [Verse 1]

    Want to but I can't help it 想要克制,卻難以抗拒

    I love the way it feels 我就是喜歡這種感覺

    It's got me stuck between my fantasy and what is real


    I need it when I want it 當我需要妳時,想要有妳在我身旁

    I want it when I don't 明明沒有機會,卻想得到妳

    Tell myself I'd stop everyday, knowing that I won't


    [Hook #1]

    I've got a problem and I (don't know what to do about it)


    Even if I did I don't know if i would quit


    But I doubt and I'm 我想

    Taken by the thought of it 我已經被慾望征服

    And I know this much is true 我確信幻想已成真

    Baby, you have become my addiction 寶貝,妳就是我的毒品

    I'm so strung out on you 早已對妳上癮

    I can barely move...but I like it 無法自拔,但我喜歡這種感覺


    And it's all because of you (all because of you)因為有妳...

    So, and it's all because of you (all because of you)

    And it's all because of you (all because of you)

    So, and it's all because...

    Never get enough永遠無法滿足

    She's the sweetest drug妳是最甜美的毒藥

    [Verse 2]

    Think of it every second 無時無刻想著妳

    I can't get nothing done 什麼事也做不了

    Only concern is the next time, I'm Gon' get me some


    Know I should stay away from 明明知道應該逃離妳

    'cause it's no good for me 因為這對我毫無益處

    I try and try but my obsession, won't let me leave


    repeat[Hook #1]


    [Hook #2]

    Ain't no doubt 無庸置疑

    So strung out 我已經上癮

    Ain't no doubt 不可否認

    So strung out 我已沉淪

    Over you, over you, over you... 於妳...

    because of you 因為是妳

    and it's all because of you 只因為妳

    never get enough 我永遠無法滿足

    she is the sweetest drug 妳這甜美的毒藥

    she's the sweetest drug... 最甜美的毒藥...


    2008-08-03 16:13:16 補充:

    What the hell happened to me 我到底是怎麼回兒事

    I've become such a mess 居然變得這樣的混亂

    I'm a walking disaster 我就像是個到處走動的麻煩

    On a road full of stress 讓這路上充滿了緊張氣息

    You got all that you wanted 你得到所有你想要的

    You got the good part of me 也拿走屬於我完好的一部份

    And I'm getting kind of dizzy 

    From this crazy disease 讓我在這場瘋狂的行為中 變得如此的愚蠢

    2008-08-03 16:13:37 補充:

    So get me a doctor 請幫我找個醫生吧

    I need a repair 我需要恢復成原來的自已

    I'm pushing my limits 我一直挑戰著自己的極限

    and pulling out my hair 並且也嘗試將煩惱拋在腦後

    2008-08-03 16:13:54 補充:

    And it's all because of u 這一切都是因為你

    I just run into walls and trip over my shoes 我差點往牆上撞上去

    I get up, I fall down, every time you come around 我開心,我沮喪,每一次都是因為你在身旁

    I'm not cool 我無法冷靜啊

    It's all because of u 這一切都是因為你

    It's all because of u 這一切都是因為你

    2008-08-03 16:14:09 補充:

    You've got me spinning like a record 你讓我像張黑膠唱片不停旋轉著

    that's already worn out 這已使我筋疲力竭

    And I'm kicking and I'm screaming 

    and repeating myself 我反覆激動的喊叫著

    I gotta hold myself together and not fall apart 我想保有完整的自己不想遍體鱗傷

    If it's gonna be forever tell me where do I start 如果這將會不斷地提醒我該從哪裡出發

    2008-08-03 16:14:30 補充:

    So send me a signal 請給我個訊號

    Up in the air 讓它高到能在天空中看見

    You're pushing my buttons 你霸道的要我閉嘴

    I'm pulling out my hair 要我將煩惱通通都丟掉

    I can't help it 我無法補救

    Can't stop it 也不能停止

    I know it's all your fault 我知道全都是你的錯

    But, I like it and you love me 但是 我喜歡 因為 你愛我

    Yeah yeah yeah

    2008-08-03 16:15:13 補充:


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