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How do you change the Neighbourhood picture for the Sims 2?

You now how at the main menu you can see all the pictures/previews of the neighbourhoods? I made my ow neighbourhood and I want to know how you can change it.

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    Take a screenshot of your new neighborhood. Open it in a graphics program that can create .png files. Resize it to 300 by 225 pixels. Save it as a .png

    Open the Neighborhood folder in

    My Documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Neighborhoods>N011 (replace your own number for the N011 this is just an example) Name the picture N011_Neighborhood.png (substitute your correct number) The next time you open your game you should see your new picture.

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    Sims 2 Neighborhood

  • Anonymous
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    Which sims are you talking about?

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    i vaguely remember how i did it. if you can find the pictures in the game files you can open them with an adobe program (adobe picture viewer or something), you should just be able to overwrite one of them with another picture in the same format and file size. if you copy the desired picture from paint you might just be able to paste it directly into the adobe file and it should have the same dimensions.

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