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Is it normal for rabbits to eat their own poop, even when they have enough food given to them daily?


thanks. i have two rabbits.

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    It is absolutely normal for rabbits to do this, in fact, rabbits in the wild do this frequently. They eat food that is harder to digest (think about it...cows eat grass and need four stomachs to digest it fully, rabbits only have one). Rabbits in the wild have to be constantly alert, since they are prey animals, so they eat quickly and then run to a hiding place to defecate. This initial defecation is just like mashed together, only slightly digested plant matter. If you find rabbit poop in the wild like this, you can pick it up and break it apart and it won't smell at all. They then eat the poop pellets and can digest it more fully to get all of the nutrients. Rabbits that have been domesticated have not lost this instinct from their wild roots. It is perfectly normal and will not harm them.

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    Cartography, or the act of eating their own feces, is rather common in rabbits. If they have too much moisture in their food (carrots, lettuce, etc.) then they don't get all the nutrients out of the food. They will eat the watery poop to absorb more of the nutrients. To stop this, stop feeding your rabbit vegetables since it ruins their digestive system. Good luck.

    Source(s): 10 years in 4-H ARBA member
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      Really? Map-making is a leporine instinct? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    They aren't actually eating their feces, it has nothing to do with the sort of diet, and rabbits are supposed to eat vegetables as part of a healthy diet. They are eating what are called Cecotropes, which is actually a mass of vitamin-rich substance loaded with beneficial bacteria from their cecum that they are supposed to ingest for a healthy digestive system.

    So: 1. It's normal

    2. They are not feces

    Source(s): Own 4 rabbits, have fostered over 50. Also look here:
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    Yes it definately is.

    Rodents and lagomorphs (rabbits, hares and pikas) do not completely digest their food when they eat it. Some of the nutrients are still in their faeces (poo).

    So what they do, is the first time they pass the food, they pass soft pellet. They then eat these pellets, then reabsorb the nutrients in the pellet. They pass these out as harder faeces, after all the nutrients have been taken in.

    Almost all rabbits eat their own poo, it's perfectly natural and helps keep the bunny healthy.

    Good lucl. =)

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    Betsy D what you you suggest? Feed them steak and chips perhaps?

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    There Are Several Reasons Why He/She Could Be doing This:

    1. He/She does not eat enough Vitamins in her food, so she would re eat her food.

    2.He/She Could not have any food in her cage/house etc so she would eat her poop again.

    You shouldn't worry about this as my rabbit does this all the time and it is in her nature.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Source(s): My Rabbit, Books, Internet etc.
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    Yes, rabbits can't digest cellulose and other nutrients, so they sometimes eat their own poop for the leftover nutrients.

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    Here's a website that discusses what your rabbit may actually be doing. I hope it helps.

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    Yes it helps them recover enzymes they need they usually eat the night feces because they have a different composition than the regular poop.

    Source(s): American Rabbit Breeders Assn.
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    yes it is normal.

    my rabbit does it too.

    As disgusting as it may sound, this is actually healthy for the rabbit.

    weird huh?

    dont worry your rabbit is fine & good luck your pet (:

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