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Best Player in the AFC and NFC North Tournament (Day 4)

AFC North

Championship Game: Ed Reed vs. Chad Johnson

NFC North

Championship Game: Brian Urlacher vs. Adrian Peterson

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    ED REED. He is one of the best defensive players in the NFL. He was Defensive Player of the year in 04. Has made 4 Pro-Bowls. Has 34 Interceptions and 136 tackles in the 90 games hes played. And has 5 Touchdowns.

    Hes the most dominant player at his position.. While Chad is a great player, but not really thee best WR.


    ADRIAN PETERSON. Hes played one year in the league and its a little early to call him a great RB. But his one season was amazing and hes one of the most electrifying backs Right Now. Thats important because I think Urlacher's prime was a few years ago... Hes a great Linebacker, but he is really as great as he used to be. For A-Pete the sky is the limit. Could become the best in the league.

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    AFC Chad Johnson

    NFC Adrian Peterson


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    AFC North - Ed Reed

    NFC North - Adrian Peterson

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    AFC North Carson Palmer (Ed Reed is previous his best) Braylon Edwards (Chad comes off me as a self ordinary jerk...I recommend i only can no longer choose him in spite of if he grew to become into enjoying for my group) NFC North Adrian Peterson (only the reality that Favre is on his way out quickly) Nick Barnett (Urlacher=Ditto with Ed Reed)

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    How the hell does peterson have more years in that urlacher??

    Id say Chad and Urlacher

    but chad was not as good last year

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    chad joshson

    adrian peterson

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    Chad Johnson

    Adrian Peterson

    They have more years in them

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    afc north:chad Johson

    nfc north:adrian peterson

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    AFC - Reed

    NFC - Urlacher

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    Ocho Cinco


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