Tell me about electric dog fences.

I was just wondering if an underground electric dog fence is adequate enough for pitbull and amstaff type breeds?

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    I was always against them, until my weim chased a deer and was hit by a car. We did it ourselves from Home Depot kit. We did a very very large area, and the estimate from a company that puts them in was unbelievable. We still walk our dogs (2 neo mastiffs and the weim) twice a day. However-I can now relax when I let them out during the day. I got the "major powerful" collars cuz my dogs are huge- But now-the batteries don't even work anymore and they still will not go over the limit. It took about 2-3 months before they really got it. In fact, they stay about 10 feet away from the line. I know people think they are cruel-but I tested it myself- it hurt- but not too bad. I recommend them for dogs that run-especially after my dog was hit. 2 surgeries, in a variety of casts for 4 months. Now-she'll never be the weim she was- Foot ended up a little "deformed" looking, but she can walk. Also gained a ton of weight during her recovery.It really is for their own good.

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    My Aunt doesn't have a fenced in backyard, but she makes use of an electrical fence. For probably the most part it does work, and it continues her animals from going for walks off. If you'll have an electrical fence you have to take the time to exhibit your dogs the boundaries of the fence, and even go as far to exhibit them what happens if they step over the fence line, and show them what to do when the matters begin to shock them (or exhibit them the place they need to go back to). Otherwise the canine will get bowled over not understand what to do, an potentially maintain going and being stunned except it literally cannot transfer anymore from the shock or except you trap it. If you are going to have your canine in an electric fence you have to watch more cautiously over your dog. Which means that (just like the above man or woman stated) be careful for cruel neighbors, children, and stray puppies that would want to come motive crisis. Nevertheless, you also need to maintain an in depth eye on the electric fence boundaries. My Aunt has had two dangerous experiences along with her electric fence. One, she had a party and her canine would not stop barking so certainly one of her visitors (who failed to comprehend the boundary of the fence line) went and locked the dog up. The proprietor observed the canine laying down, panting, freaking out, and in drooling far and wide in view that the canine had been constantly greatly surprised whilst within the storage. Another factor you must watch out for is children. My aunts youngsters would alternate the boundaries on the electric fence, and she would come residence to find her dogs freaking out walking around being bowled over making an attempt to determine the place to move to get the collar to discontinue stunning them. In all, you would higher with buying a dog run or typical fencing, however electric fence can work excellent for those who simplest use it when you are there to supervise your dog (as that is the handiest at to shield them from hazard).

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    There are two parts to an electric dog fence: a wire that is buried along the perimeter of the "fenced in" area and a pet-collar with a receiver. For more on electric dog fences, please see below....

    The underground wire transmits a signal that makes the pet-collar beep, if the pet comes too close to the electric dog fence perimeter. A mild electric shock will also be applied.

    Pros of Electric Dog Fences:

    * Aesthetics: with electric dog fences, you are not forced to erect a style of fencing that, while effective for keeping pets at home, may not complement your landscape design very well.

    * Because you are not erecting anything, per se, with electric dog fences, you don't have to worry about the zoning laws or inspection codes to which you'd be subject, if you were to erect physical fencing.

    Cons of Electric Dog Fences:

    * Pet fencing often doubles as security fencing to some degree, keeping intruders (human and canine alike) out of your yard and pets in your yard. Tall chain-link fencing, for instance, will perform this dual role. Electric dog fences, however, are purely one-way, so they won't keep out intruders.

    * Electric dog fences are not fool-proof: the mild shock may not be sufficient to keep Rover from roving, if the incentive to break free is great enough.

    * When pets do ignore the shock and cross electric dog fences, there is a disincentive (in the form of the shock) for them to return.

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    I wouldnt. For starters, there's the argument that dogs wearing collars all the time is dangerous, because it could get caught or snagged, and the dog could choke.

    For another thing, with underground electric fences, the dog can push through it and get out of the fence. Often, they then cannot, or will not, push through to go back *in* to the yard, so they are stuck outside.

    And I hate to bring up the ever popular "pit bull" arguement since I'm a huge fan of the breed and hate what society makes of them, but if you live in a populated neighborhood, your neighbors might get "fussy" if you dont have an actual fence. Especially if they are particular, and have small kids.

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    My Aunt does not have a fenced in outdoors, yet she makes use of an electric powered fence. For the main area it does artwork, and it keeps her animals from working off. in case you have got an electric powered fence you would be able to desire to make the attempt to coach your canines the obstacles of the fence, or maybe bypass as some distance to coach them what happens in the event that they step over the fence line, and practice them what to do whilst the failings start to ask your self them (or practice them the place they might desire to bypass decrease back to). otherwise the canines gets taken aback no longer understand what to do, an probably save going and being taken aback till it actually won't be in a position to pass anymore from the ask your self or till you capture it. in case you have got your canines in an electric powered fence you would be able to desire to exhibit screen extra intently over your canines. which ability (like the above guy or woman reported) pay attention for merciless buddies, little ones, and stray canines that would desire to return reason trouble. in spite of the fact that if, you besides would would desire to maintain a designated eye on the electrical powered fence obstacles. My Aunt has had 2 undesirable stories together with her electric powered fence. One, she had a party and her canines does no longer end barking so one in each and every of her visitors (who did no longer understand the boundary of the fence line) went and locked the canines up. the landlord stumbled on the canines laying down, panting, freaking out, and in drooling everywhere because of the fact the canines were consistently taken aback at the same time as contained in the storage. yet another ingredient you pays attention for is little ones. My aunts little ones would exchange the obstacles on the electrical powered fence, and he or she would come domicile to discover her canines freaking out working around being taken aback attempting to be certain the place to bypass to get the collar to end stunning them. In all, you will extra advantageous with buying a canines run or usually happening fencing, yet electric powered fence can artwork stable in case you in simple terms use it once you're there to oversee your canines (because it relatively is the only at to guard them from threat).

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    There are various settings for the shock they get. I'm sure you can find them that will work for those dogs.

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    They only work on electric dogs as far as I know.

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    This link might help you. It is from a previous Yahoo! Q/A

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    My basenjis skip merrily through it...barely even acknowleding that it shocked them.

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    omg that is kinda cruel but yeah i guess the best answer is don't have one at all

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