Why do people think accurate science in the Bible proves it's all true?

Take Isaiah 40:22, I think it is, about the earth being a "circle." Why on earth is it so special that this is in the Bible? Even assuming it means they knew the earth was round - which is debatable - so what? People have known that for at least 2500 years, and even estimated its size with amazing accuracy.

The same goes for other passages, too. There are immeasurable stars? THIS you call "scientific proof"? Just look up in the damn sky!

I can also write a story with both true facts and false statements. The presence of the correct ones don't make the false ones accurate as well!

(Note that I am NOT an atheist.)

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    The Highway Code contains more accurate information. Worship the DVLA!

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    Let's say you ask me why I believe that the Bible is the word of God. I will probably give you ten reasons, beginning with the most important. Somewhere at point 8 or 9, I will mention the concept of scientific facts in the Bible; facts that were written over 4,500 years ago by uneducated individuals and that were only recently discovered by modern science. For example, why circumcision on the EIGHT day? It was only within the last 40 years that modern science found out the reason. It appears that the disease-fighting ability of a baby decreases for the first few weeks whereas his blood-clotting ability increases. Based on linear programming, the optimum time for circumcision falls on the eight day. Just how did the Bible writer know that? Up to 200 years ago, medical science was very primitive. There are many other examples.

    It's not the only reason why I believe the Bible; it's a supporting argument.

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    Because if does help with the argument that the bible is in fact the inspired word of God.

    The more evidence that can be found that shows the men who wrote the bible had no way of even dreaming up the stuff they wrote down and called it the Word of God, the more likely it is to believe they really did write down what God told them to write down.

    My favorite evidence to point out lately is how did the apostle John know that in the "end days" mankind from all over the world, would be able to see events occurring in the middle-east as they happened.

    How on earth could a man from such a primitive culture even imagine that would happen.

    How could every person on the planet have the ability to see what was happening in a tiny corner of the middle-east.

    But, Viola! Thank you Ted Turner for giving us CNN!

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    Well , it shows that the Creator , inspired the writers , who created and formed the universe , and knew these things since He made those things .

    What would be more interested would be , what you think is false in the bible .

    Sure who can prove anything , no man has lived forever , or is here since the beginning to prove anything .

    At best most things are a guess , wisdom is the power to judge , based on experience , understanding , and knowledge .

    Know one has all of that , no one has been here and made sure all is true , but one had lived , and that is God , and He has kept things true , many don't believe in the flood , or the ark , or adam and eve .

    But I believe all are true , because the Holy spirit backs up these thinga and give witness to these things .

    And who is the Holly Spirit , He is the spirit of Christ , and Christ says He is the truth , so the same spirit is the spirit of wisdom and of truth , and I have know this wisdom and truth , when it is upon me , and it does indeed give truth and wisdom .

    So without this spirit of Truth , indeed you and many others can know nothing for sure .

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    You can get a square peg into a round hole with enough force. That definitely does not make anything true. Thales of Miletus, at about the time the Bible was written, thought the Earth was a rounded circhle with edges, not a sphere. His incorrect view fits the passage equally well.

    The process of making the Bible literal is to make the words mean what you need them to where you can, and write them off as metaphor where you can't.

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    The Earth castes a round shadow on the Moon during an eclipse. This should tell any observant person the Earth is round, an probably a sphere, since it does not matter where the Moon is in relation to the Earth for the shadow to remain round. Pythagoras said the same thing (well before Jesus), an so did observers from many eastern cultures. This is obvious, not miraculous.

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    Because they do not understand basic logic and method of proof. Is demonstrating that a mathematical statement is true for a particular value proof that is is valid for any value? No, of course not. This is why mathematics require rigorous proofs. Oh, and earth is an ellipsoid. WGS 84 is the current model. Check out the article below.

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    think about this.... does it really matter?

    If you're not atheist, why are you questioning the bible as if it's a science book. It doesn't matter, the night sky is beautiful and God put it there for us to enjoy it. The size or shape of the earth doesn't matter. The scientists that "figured out" the size of the earth.. how'd they do that, its all relativity that was made up by someone... it doesn't matter... Enjoy the graces that God gave us...

    the only thing people are worrying about these days with size/length/distance matters... is when you have to travel and you're measuring how far you have to travel and how much you have to spend on gas for 4.00/gallon.

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    IMO probably more like they already believe it, but like to point out little scientifically correct details as proof that their book is real.

    People back then may not have known everything, nor do we even know everything yet, but there is plenty they could have figured out by then that they'd could include in the book. They just also included a lot of inaccurate stuff that they did not yet have answers for...

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    The Bible was not written as a science book. The fact that it contains some scientific principles is merely interesting to me. Have a nice day!

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